Gyroscuter repair with your own hands

Despite the use of innovative technologies by manufacturers of gimbals, these gadgets still cause inconvenience to their owners and sometimes break down. There are all kinds of problems with them, regardless of the cost of the model and the experience of the user. Repair gyroscooter with their own hands in unpleasant situations is quite possible, but it should be carried out according to the instructions. This article contains the most common breakdowns and ways to fix them at home.

Is it possible to fix a gyroscooter at home?

Repairing your own two-wheeled electric vehicle at home is not a fairy tale. It really is available to every user. In various profile forums and videos on YouTube there are all sorts of options for breakdowns and their elimination. In our article the experts described just the most common problems with methods of detection and elimination.

Problems with the gyroboard usually arise from the following reasons:

  • improper use of the device;
  • manufacturing defect.

Before taking independent measures to repair the gyroboard, it is necessary to find the warranty on it and check the date of purchase. It is necessary to do this in order to understand whether it is worth trying to fix the breakage at home or if it is supposed to be done in the service center for free.

If you open the lid of the gyroscooter by yourself and it is impossible to fix the problems, the service workers have the right to refuse warranty repair, referring to the fact that the user could have damaged the gadget.

The main types of breakages and problem areas of gyroscooters

How to fix a gyroscooter at home

Conditionally "vulnerable points" gyroboards are divided into three categories:

  1. Battery. This problem occurs more often than others (Chinese production leaves much to be desired). It is not difficult to determine its presence - it is signaled by a sudden shutdown of the device while driving, blinking sensors, a decrease in the operating time on a single charge.
  2. Electronics. In cases with two-board In gyroscooters, the problem in this area is more often manifested by the failure of the button. As for triple boardThe gyroboard may fail to calibrate, but there are problems with only one side of the gadget. It is also possible that the gyroboard fails to calibrate and the red light blinks frequently.
  3. Mechanics. It happens that electric vehicles rotate freely around their axis. This is not the norm, because this situation occurs due to a broken pin. As a result, the internal wires begin to twist and the gadget stops working.

Stages of the fault check

Smart balance gyroscuter repair

Before you start repairing a gyroscooter, such as the Smart Balance, you should make sure there is a breakdown and the possibility of fixing it. There are not many steps to check the malfunction, so it does not take much time to familiarize yourself with them.

Identifying the cause of the breakage

As you know, every repair begins with diagnostics. Working with a gyroboard is no exception to this rule. The first thing to do is to identify the reason why the device stopped responding to user commands or behaving "strangely". To do this, it is worth carefully inspect the outside of the gadget for chips and cracks, the operation of the sensors and keys.

When inspecting a gyroscooter, it is worth paying attention to the sensors. For example, the most informative of them is motion sensorwhich emits an annoying beep or flashes in the event of a malfunction.

If all goes well here, it's time to move on to the "insides". This, too, is quite realistic to do on your own.

Disassembling a gyroboard

Before you start disassembling, you should prepare the right tool - a screwdriver or a screwdriver. The first option is considered more acceptable, as the work with it is faster and neater.

The main task of disassembling the gyroboard is to remove the cover. All the internal elements are hidden under it. It is not difficult to remove it - you need to unscrew all the screws and take out half of the body.

Connecting elements should be set aside separately in a container so as not to lose them.

After that, it is worth disconnecting the wires to the housing. Then the battery, boards and motors are exposed to the user.

Disconnect the wires carefully, without straining or tearing them off.

Then you need to inspect the specified parts. If the suspicion falls immediately on any of them, you should remove this element, preliminarily disconnecting all loops from it.

Parts Replacement Cost Estimate

If you find a problematic part, you should first contact Internet. On its vast expanses there are many special online stores where parts for various equipment and electronics, including gyroscooters, are sold. It is there that the user will be able to see the prices of the products he needs and understand how much he has to spend.

If you have free time, you can also visit a real store. The price tags there will give you more information, because this is the place where you can buy parts.

Evaluate the possibility of repairing with your own hands

Not wanting to spend money on buying a new part, it is worth assessing the possibility of self-handed troubleshooting. We will consider the ways of repairing this or that element in the gyroboard below.

Finding an experienced craftsman (if home repair is not possible)

Despite the large number of instructions for repair, it is not always possible to perform it at home. Then the right solution would be to go to a service center or to look for a master who works "on his own". It is not recommended to delay contacting a specialist, as a quick fix of the problem guarantees the prevention of more serious problems in the future.

Rules for working with the master

When contacting a craftsman, you should observe the following sequence of actions:

  1. Find a trusted company or person with experience with electric vehicles.
  2. Provide the gyroboard and notify of signs of malfunction.
  3. Wait for a diagnosis.
  4. Discuss the cost and repair time.
  5. To give consent to the work.
  6. Accept the completed work.
  7. Check the gyroscooter for troubleshooting.
  8. Pay the employee for the service rendered.
  9. Get the warranty card.

Each step is important and you should not ignore them - this is the only way to repair the gadget will be qualitatively, and subsequent failures will be prevented.

Repair price

It is quite difficult to say exactly how much the repair costs in the service, because everyone puts their own prices. In addition, the amount depends on different factors:

  • the complexity of the work;
  • the urgency of the repair;
  • type of failure;
  • transportation model;
  • availability of the warranty card;
  • master's experience.

The minimum cost of repair services is 500 rubles, but the maximum is up to several thousand (4 thousand rubles or even more).

Replacing the battery of a gyroscooter

Gyroscooter battery repair

The most correct solution in the repair of the battery of the gyroscope is considered to be its replacement. The following can be corrected with this method problems:

  • the gadget does not work much after charging;
  • the gyroscooter stops suddenly while riding;
  • the battery is fully charged, but the gyroscooter does not turn on;
  • does not charge when connected to the mains;
  • the charging process abruptly stops, although the index has not yet reached 100%.

Every user can remove the old battery and put in a new one. It does not require any special knowledge or experience. The most important thing is to battery balancer gadget, because without it charging in the future will be problematic.

We recommend reading our article on proper charging of gyroscooters.

Gyroscope battery and charger repair

It is better to contact a service center for this. All that the user is recommended to determine on his own is the problem area. To do this, you will need to connect the gyroscooter to the mains and monitor the indicator:

  • There is a light signal. In this case you should pay attention to the battery itself, because the charger is working normally.
  • Lack of signal. Here you should look for the cause of the failure in the charger.

The battery troubleshooting has already been discussed above. And as for the battery charger, there are two solutions to the problem:

  1. The wires are bare and the problem is visible to the naked eye. Here you can try to repair the device with your own hands, using, for example, a soldering iron.
  2. The charger looks intact, it has not been exposed to moisture and has not fallen on hard surfaces. Then it is better to immediately contact the service or buy a new product (the price tag of repair services for the gyroboard from a master, as a rule, is more expensive).

Gyroscooter Wheel Repair

When taking the device to the service center to repair the wheel, you should immediately expect that you will have to pay a tidy sum of money. At home to cope with the problem is not difficult. The wheel is not such a complicated part, so Take it off him and replace or conduct other works with your own hands will be easy.

Gyroscooter board repair

When it becomes apparent that the problem is hidden in the circuit board, it is necessary to carefully inspect this component. It may only be necessary to perform soldering The problem is that the board is not damaged, which is not difficult to detect visually. Otherwise, there is only one way out - to replace the board. To do this you will need to pick up in a special store an element suitable for specific model gyroboard and simply swap the old and new boards.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

1. Why does one side of the gyroscooter not work?

The following reasons are possible here:

  • The auxiliary board of one of the wheels is malfunctioning;
  • button breakage;
  • motor-wheel malfunction;
  • engine failure;
  • unbalancing (will require calibration gyroboard).

2. How to repair the LED?

If it does not give any signals, you will need to take it to a service center to have the LED diagnosed and repaired. If the light is blinking or constantly on, we recommend that you refer to the following instructions.

When you find a breakdown, you should not panic. First of all it is necessary to go into the essence of the problem and try to fix it with your own efforts. Additionally for this purpose it is recommended to view a video on repairing the gyroscuter with your own hands, presented above. If the independent action will not give the desired result, it means that without the help of a wizard can not do. In any case, the problem can be solved by an ordinary person who does not have supernatural capabilities, so it is not necessary to panic or run to the store for a new gyroboard at the appearance of the first trouble.

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