What to do if the gyro scooter fell into the water

Today's electronics are known to gravitate to liquids, which makes them suffer and make their owners worry. Gyroscooters, segways and mono-wheels are no exception, because they are mainly used outdoors and getting into a puddle or walking in the rain is quite commonplace. Ignorant users often go for a ride on this transport in bad weather, which is strongly regretted afterwards and ask experienced people: what to do if the gyro scooter fell into the water? The answer to the question is given in this article, and we will try to help our readers save money and fix the gadget.

How dangerous is it to get water

A gyroscooter is a complex electrical device, which can cause all kinds of troubles if water gets inside it. Any contact of the "insides" with moisture leads to serious consequences. For example:

  • short circuit;
  • power off;
  • corrosion of metal parts;
  • other breakdowns that cause the gyroscope to stop working.
Such troubles occur when the body of the device is partially or completely submerged under water. If the gyro scooter went through a shallow puddle and only the wheels got wet, there will be no consequences.

What to do if water gets into a gyroscooter - step by step actions

What to do if water gets into a gyroscooter

Since most users have not even heard about the contraindications of water procedures for the gyro scooter, trouble with it is not uncommon. In order not to spend money unnecessarily, it is worth trying to fix what happened on your own. Getting inside water - a serious problem, and therefore it is necessary to treat it accordingly.

There are several important steps that must be followed in order to successfully fix the problem. The following are all steps that any person is perfectly capable of performing at home themselves.

Step 1: Disconnect power

The first step is to turn off the device if it is still in working order. This is done by ordinarilywithout any special tools.

Step 1.1. Take to a service center (repair)

When the gadget fell into the water and then did not turn on, you should not take the risk - here the right thing to do is to bring it to the service center. It is not recommended to take independent actions, because the automatic shutdown of the device indicates the appearance of serious problemThe problem is that it requires the knowledge and experience of craftsmen and almost 100% a sign that it is necessary to replace a certain part.

Step 2: Wipe the case and everything else

It also happens that the gyro scooter got into the water, but did not stop functioning and still partially responds to the user's commands. Then, after turning it off, you will need to dry the outside and, if possible, the inside of the case. It is recommended to do this with a soft dry and clean cloth. It is necessary to wipe the gyroscooter with it and leave it for a day or more.

It is strictly forbidden to make the device dry by means of heating devices, as this will further worsen the condition of the parts.

Step 3: Preliminary Examination of the Motherboard

After the device is completely dry, it's time to proceed to the next step - inspection of the motherboard. To do this you need to take a screwdriver and remove the cover The housing. After that you should find the motherboard and check it for traces of contact with the liquid.

On how to correctly remove the body of the gyroscooter we partially told in our another article.

Traces are obvious drops of water or stains from them after drying.

If you find these marks, you must remove the part and remove them with a dry cloth if they are still dry, or with alcohol if they are stains. Then you need to give the board time to dry, after which it will be installed in its place. If the gadget does not work, the board will need to be replaced with a new one.

Step 4: Inspecting the battery

The battery is also an important part, so it also needs to be carefully inspected if the gyroscooter has fallen into water. If there are any signs of contact, you will need to replacement. This is the only correct option in this situation. And in terms of cost, replacing the battery is much cheaper than a new motherboard.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

1. Is there any protection against water entering the gyroscooters?

Excellent protection for the gyroscuter from water is a silicone case, which we have already written about here.

2. How much does it cost to repair after "bathing"?

The price of repair work in the service center depends directly on the broken part. Therefore it varies From 400 rubles to 3 thousand rubles.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to cope with a gyroscooter after getting water inside. So there is no need to spend money on a new electric vehicle. And although the repair will not be cheap, it will not reach the price of the whole vehicle.

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