How to change the battery on a gyroscooter

Gyroboards are often used for moving around the city or just for fun. But over time with the "heart" of your favorite gadget there are problems that urgently need to be fixed. Therefore, the owners of such devices often ask: how to change the battery on a gyro scooter?

Since the device will not function without this part, it is worth everyone learning how to change it. It is not necessary to go to specialists, wasting your time and money. Replacing the battery of a gyroscooter can be done at home. For a successful operation, it is enough to familiarize yourself with a few important facts about the "heart" of the device and study the instructions for its replacement.

What you need to know about batteries for gyroscooters

Before you understand how to replace the battery on your gyroscooter with your own hands, it is worth to learn a few important nuances.

The battery is the most important part of the internal system of the gyroscope. It determines how long the vehicle can be used on a single charge, movement speed and the operability of the device in general.

Battery capacity

What you need to know about batteries for gyroscooters

The first important thing about the battery of a gyroscooter is its capacity. For children's models the volume of 3000 mAh is quite suitable. If in the specifications of the new battery this indicator is more or less, you should think about cheating on the part of the manufacturer and put this product away, and instead find a clearly specified 3000 mAh.

Adults should consider for a gyroscooter battery from Samsung to 4400 mAh (this company has established itself as a reliable and quality manufacturer of batteries).

If the capacity is less, the gadget will not drive for a long time, so it is better not to take the risk and choose among the options from 4400 mAh.

Battery class

Equally important is the class of the battery. It is influenced by the quality of construction and the materials used. Gyroscooters with a wheel diameter of up to 6.5 inches are equipped with low-class batteries - 1C and 2C, because they are not designed for a heavy load. If the gadget has wheels with a diameter of 8 inches, the battery class will be equal to 3C, and for larger wheels are installed parts of class 4C and 5C.

Selecting the right battery class is very important. The carrying capacity of the vehicle depends on it.

For example, if the class is below the right one, the gyro scooter can suddenly shut down if it hits an obstacle or just stops.

When to replace the battery

restore the old gyroscope battery

The need to replace the battery appears due to numerous breakdowns that affect the performance of this part. Most often owners of gyroscooters face such problems:

  1. Discharges quickly. Over time, the battery is capable of reducing the duration of a single charge. If it was initially enough for several hours, eventually the duration may be reduced to a few minutes. In such a situation, the battery is said to be damaged due to improper use or mechanical impact.
  2. Does not turn on when the battery is fully charged. This sign signals that the main board is defective.
  3. Stops going. In this situation it is necessary to pay attention to the microprocessor, as it is not difficult to disable it unnoticed by the user.
  4. Lack of charge. The absence of notification about the beginning of charging when the gadget is connected to the network indicates a problem with the battery itself or the charging cable. And the reasons for this can be: failure to follow the rules of operation, deep discharge, mechanical impact.
  5. Turns off while driving. This sign signals a malfunction in the control system due to loose contacts.

The step-by-step process of how to change the battery on a gyroscope

When the battery is definitely out of order and the only option to solve the problem is to replace it, it is worth taking the time and rearrange the parts according to the instructions. By yourself the process involves only three stepsSo you don't have to spend a lot of time here.

Removing the housing

How to change the battery on a gyroscooter

Before removing the battery, it is worth dismantling the case. To do this you should take a Phillips screwdriver and unscrew all the screws (they are located at the top edge). Then it is necessary to carefully lift the upper part of the case, so as not to accidentally touch the internal parts.

Disconnecting the battery

The next step is to remove the battery itself. The first thing to do here is to remove the lock on the battery, and disconnect the power from the Bluetooth board on the opposite side. Next, you need to disconnect the power connector of the central board and pull out the battery without touching the internal wires.

Replacing a new battery

Having put aside the damaged battery, you need to take the new one in your hands and place it in the same place where the old one was before. Then all the actions from the previous step are performed in the reverse order: connecting the motherboard power supply, installing the latch, connecting to the motherboard central board Bluetooth.

How to choose a new battery

For a new battery to last a long time, you need to choose it correctly. In this case it is worth paying attention to our tips.

Checking at the point of purchase

Speaking about where it is better to buy a new battery for a gyroscooter, it is impossible to give a definite answer. These parts are sold both in real stores and on the Internet. Whichever place you choose, the battery must be checked before handing over the money to the seller for it.

In addition to examining the label on the battery, it is worth testing it with a voltmeter to ensure that the voltage reading matches the manufacturer's promises. It is also worth carefully inspecting the battery to make sure there are no scratches, scuffs, or even more so, holes on the surface of the protective film.


You can buy a quality battery for an average of 5 thousand rubles (at the time of writing). If the cost will depart from the specified by 3-4 thousand rubles, it is not worth taking such a battery.

Replacement cost in the Service Center

For battery replacement, service center employees charge the customer an average of 500 rubles. This only includes the process of replacing the parts, but the battery itself and all consumables will have to be paid for additionally.

Tips on how to prolong the life of a new battery

How to prolong the life of a new gyroscope battery

In order not to have to replace too often for a new or reanimate the old battery for the gyroscooter, it is necessary to follow the rules of its charging and storage. And this should be done from the beginning of use, not only after the first problems appear.

Observe the rules of charging

That's not to say that Charging the battery for a gyroscooter - is a time-consuming process, but there are several rules:

  • The first time you use the new battery, it is worth discharging and charging it to the end. It is worthwhile to make such "approaches" 2-3 times in total.
  • Use only the charger that comes with the gyroscope.
  • It is not necessary to use the battery in the cold, where it discharges faster and the number of recharge cycles is greatly reduced.
  • Deep discharge is not recommended.
  • If you smell burning or find a leak in the area of the battery location, it must be replaced immediately and under no circumstances should you continue to use or store it indoors at all.

Rules of storage

In addition, it is necessary to observe and storage rulesThe following points apply to the vehicle itself rather than to the battery. These include the following points:

  • The unit should be stored in a warm and dry room, and the optimum temperature for it is considered 18 degrees Celsius.
  • You don't have to start riding a gyroscope or just get on it while it's charging.
  • Do not drive the vehicle when the battery is low, the wheels are blocked, or system error alerts are present.
  • If the gyroscooter is not designed for use in wet areas, do not ride it out of the house in snowy or rainy weather.
  • Do not drive at maximum speed all the time, because it will significantly shorten the life of the battery.

Is it possible to restore the old battery of a gyroscooter

If you do not have the desire or money to buy a new battery, you can try to repair the broken element. Although the probability of a successful result is not very high, the manipulation done will definitely not worsen the old battery.

Please note! The site editors take no responsibility for the use of these instructions, they are provided for information purposes only.

  1. The battery must first be fully discharged and charged three times without interruption. Only the original power supply can be used.
  2. Next you should get a 5-12V charger, a resistor of up to 1000 ohms, and a multimeter of 500 mW or higher.
  3. Then connect the "-" of the battery to the "-" of the PSU and then the "+" to the "+" with a resistor.
  4. If the polarity will be all right, which is checked with a multimeter, then the power supply should be plugged in for a couple of minutes.

After these actions, there is a chance that the battery will recover. But even success is not worth rejoicing over, because the battery will not last very long anyway.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

1. How many batteries are in a gyroscooter?

As a rule, such vehicles are equipped with a single battery, but in some models there are two (connected), but with a lower rate of charge.

2. What is the voltage of the battery?

The label on any battery has a voltage rating of 36 V on it.

3. How do I check a new gyroscope battery?

This uses a voltmeter to check the voltage and a multimeter to determine the power.

When problems with the battery arise, people often panic and go to a service center. Although masters of their craft can really quickly and qualitatively perform the replacement of the necessary part, the client will have to pay for this a large sum of money, which not everyone can afford. Therefore, at first it is worth trying to bring the gyroscooter to working condition by yourself, replacing the battery. In this case, you will only need to buy a new part and spend a little time on the procedure.

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