How to remove the wheels on an electric scooter

The wheels are an important component of the electric scooter. They determine the main technical characteristics of the device: the permissible weight of the user, terrain, maximum speed, etc. The diameter of the wheels is responsible for the passability and maneuverability of the transport, and their rigidity - for the traction with the road surface. However, even these parts are not durable and need to be replaced or trivial cleaning for better functioning. Below we will consider how to remove the wheels on an electric scooter and in what cases this procedure is necessary.

Changing wheels

A normal or folding electric scooter requires regular diagnostics and troubleshooting. This applies not only to the controller, but also to other parts. The wheel replacement procedure is really important. It is recommended to know about the sequence of actions for each owner of an electric vehicle to prevent unfavorable consequences.

Whether it's an 8-inch, 12-inch or any other diameter wheel, the replacement instructions are the same, so you won't need to look up any additional information.

How often and why you need it

How often the wheels need to be removed

The need to change a wheel arises in two situations:

  1. Failure as a result of mechanical damage.
  2. Inconsistent driving style or road surface.

Wrong or defective wheels make a scooter uncomfortable to use. In addition, they often cause a fall.

In most cases, users are unlucky with wide wheels, because such an electric scooter is more difficult to steer.

It is up to the owner of the device to determine the frequency of wheel replacement. But it is important to understand a few things:

  1. If there is obvious mechanical damage, the procedure should be performed immediately.
  2. When using an electric scooter on rubber wheels, you must be prepared to replace the after 50-100 km runbecause scars quickly appear on such material, preventing free movement.
  3. Scheduled replacement can be done no more than once every two seasons.

List of tools

The procedure for replacing the wheel is not too complicated, but one tool is not enough. You will need to prepare beforehand:

  • office knife;
  • hexes;
  • 18 mm wrench;
  • pliers.

The list of tools is the same, regardless of wheel diameter and other parameters.

Removing the wheels on an electric scooter

When the need arises to remove two wheels, you should not be in a hurry. Although there are no special difficulties in this process, the front and rear elements have some differences in their constructions, and therefore each of them requires an "individual approach". Let's consider the sequence of actions in the case of removal of the front and rear wheel.

The same instructions may be used for an electric scooter with cast wheels.

Front wheel

Even a beginner can remove the front wheel on an electric scooter. All the small elements that need to be removed are in visible places, so you do not need to look for them and make complicated manipulations.

Before removing the wheel, the electric scooter must be turned off.

Let's look at the removal process as an example of a device Mijia Xiaomi M365. The instructions here are as follows:

  1. Remove the red stickers with a screwdriver or office knife. How to remove the wheels on an electric scooter
  2. Unscrew the hex screws under these stickers (the screws are screwed quite tight, so you can use pliers to help).Removing the front wheel of the electric scooter - step 2
  3. Remove the linings together with the bolts (not to lose).Removing the front wheel of the electric scooter - step 3
  4. Use the hexagon to remove four more bolts.Removing the front wheel of the electric scooter - step 4
  5. Unscrew the nuts with a wrench.How to remove the wheels on an electric scooter - step 5

Rear wheel (motor-wheel)

You can remove the rear wheel on an electric scooter by following the instructions above. Both wheels of the vehicle are attached, removed and installed in the same way. This is done with the same tools.

To remove the motor-wheel, you do not need to be a high-class craftsman. It is necessary to show your own care and attention. The user will have not only to adhere to the instructions in the process of unscrewing the rear wheel, but also to keep track of all the removed elements - nuts, screws, pads, etc. Having lost at least one part, it is not recommended to use the device in the future without it.

When removing the motor-wheel, remember about the wire attached to it, which should not be damaged, so you need to be careful.

Removing the tire

Removing the tire

No tools are needed to remove the tire. In this case, the user only needs his or her own hands and patience.

Remove the tire from the electric scooter is as follows:

  1. Unscrew the nipple from the "nipple" of the chamber to let the air out of it.
  2. Use both hands to "sink" the tire into the recess of the disk on one side and slide it off the disk on the opposite side.

Removing the camera from the wheels

Removing the camera

It is possible to remove the camera from the electric scooter only after the wheels have been removed from the structure of the vehicle. This is necessary in cases of a puncture or simple diagnostics.

Sequence of actions such:

  1. Remove the tire according to the instructions above.
  2. Knock out the "nipple" of the camera with a hammer.

It is possible to replace the camera at home, but it is important to buy the right size element to install in the wheel - for this it is recommended to take the damaged camera with you to the store and show it to the salesman.

Disassembling wheels

Wheel disassembly

Repair work doesn't start with removing the wheels, but with disassembling them. A properly performed procedure will help avoid new breakdowns and quickly see the cause of an existing malfunction. It will be easy for an unskilled user to cope with both thick and thin wheels. The most important thing is to be careful, as small parts are easy to damage or lose.

Disassembling the front wheel

It is possible to disassemble the front wheel on an electric scooter in literally 5 minutes. This is done in the following way:

  1. Lower the chamber (to speed up the process, unscrew the spool).
  2. Remove the nuts and clips on both sides.
  3. Unscrew all the screws with a screwdriver.
  4. Rest the center of the wheel on the floor and press down on the tire with your hands.
  5. Remove the covers.

Rear wheel disassembly

It is possible to disassemble the rear wheel of the electric scooter according to the same instructions as for the front element. In these devices, they have the same size, and therefore it will not be difficult to cope with the task at hand.

Disassembling the motor-wheel

Some users mistakenly believe that only a real master is able to disassemble the motor-wheel. In fact, you can do it yourself, following a strict sequence of actions. It does not matter whether the motor-wheel is located in the front or in the back.

Disassembly procedure:

  1. Unscrew the bolts (6 on each side of the wheel) with a hexagon/screwdriver.
  2. Remove the cover on the opposite side from the power cable.
  3. Turn the wheel over and push on the tire so that the stator pops out of the rotor.
  4. Knock out the bearings (if you can not do it by hand, you can use a screwdriver and hammer, but do it carefully so that the element is not deformed).
It is recommended to disassemble the motor-wheel when buying a used electric scooter to make sure that it works.

Wheel repair

Wheel repair

It is possible to repair the wheel yourself with tools that are available in many homes. The size of the element in this case does not matter. Wheels of 10, 6 or 8 inches are quite realistic to make them work at home.

When repairing the wheels of the electric scooter experience in this direction is desirable, but without its presence to achieve the desired result is also possible if you clearly follow the instructions in our article.

Popular malfunctions and breakdowns

Malfunctions can occur on an electric scooter with large inflatable wheels, as well as on children's vehicles. Let's consider the most common problems:

  1. Tire punctures and cuts. In this case it is absolutely necessary to replace the tube, and it is also recommended to put a new tire, even if the damage is minor.
  2. Wheels jam when you drive or don't turn at all. The cause of this malfunction is a damaged bearing. Here it is sufficient to check the element for dirt or mechanical damage. To clean the bearing from dirt and moisture kerosene will help. If the part is deformed, it must be replaced.
    After a functional bearing is installed, it must be coated with a special grease.
  3. Unusual noises in the wheels when driving. This situation occurs when there is rust on metal parts. To solve the problem, you will need to look for the corroded areas and try to remove the rust. If success is not achieved, it is better to replace the wheel completely.

Sometimes it happens that the electric scooter does not turn on at all. In that case we advise you to read article on this subject.

Pumping and pressurizing the wheels

Pumping the wheels

Most manufacturers of electric scooters come with their devices compact pumps, with which it is possible to inflate the wheel at any time.

The recommended pressure in the wheels of electric vehicles directly depends on the weight of the user. The values should be as follows:

  • when the weight is up to 70 kg: front wheel - 35-40 psi, rear - 40-50 psi;
  • up to 90 kg: front - 40-45 psi, rear - 45-55 psi;
  • up to 100 kg: front - 45-50 psi, rear - 50-60 psi;
  • over 100 kg: front - 55-60 psi, rear - 60-65 psi.

At these pressures, the wheels will be more resistant to punctures and other damage.

Tips for preventing flat tires

Avoiding punctures is very problematic, whether it is an adult electric scooter with large wheels or a children's model. But if you listen to the advice, it is still possible to prevent unwanted consequences. It is important to understand the following points:

  1. Do not apply the brake suddenly, especially when traveling at high speed.
  2. Try to avoid sharp objects on the road.
  3. Use anti-skid tape (inserted between the tube and the tire).
  4. Regularly check the tightness of fasteners and wheel connections.
  5. Observe the care of the unit in general and the wheels in particular.
  6. Do not overload electric vehicles.
  7. Avoid overinflating the tire with air.
  8. Check the condition of all wheel elements when buying a used electric scooter.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

  1. How much is a new wheel for Xiaomi electric scooter?

A wheel with all the components will cost about $30.

  1. How to correctly remove a tubeless wheel?

Before removing the tubeless wheel on the electric scooter Xiaomi or a device from another manufacturer, it must be deflated. The wheel itself is removed in accordance with the instructions described above - you need to unscrew all the screws in sequence. And to remove the tire, you will need to insert a flat screwdriver between it and the rim, and then press with your fingers.

  1. Is it possible to disassemble the wheel without removing it?

No, you must remove the wheels before disassembling, otherwise you will not be able to remove all the parts.

  1. What wheels are put on electric scooters?

Modern manufacturers equip devices with solid and pneumatic wheels. The first are considered more durable and reliable, they are resistant to damage. The latter provide comfort during the trip, as the air in the tires reduces vibration.

  1. The device display shows an error "E07", what does this mean?

This error indicates a problem with the motor-wheel wiring.

Removing the wheel of an electric scooter can be done with your own hands using simple tools. This procedure is really important, because it allows you to extend the life of the device and not to worry about sudden breakdowns on the road.

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