How to charge a gyroscooter properly

Every person who has decided to buy a modern electric transport (mini-sigway, monocycle, gyroboard) faces a huge number of questions, but the first and the main one is how to charge the gyroscooter properly. Before starting to use such a device, it is necessary to study in detail the rules of operation, details of the first charging, the duration of the process itself and many important nuances.

What type of battery is used

The battery is the heart of the gyro scooter, so when buying in the first place you should pay attention to the type and capacity of the battery. For all models, without exception, modern Li-Ion 18650 batteries are used, consisting of small batteries of 10 to 20 pieces. Depending on the model, their capacity can range from 2.2 to 4.4 Ah. Also the capacity of the battery is chosen according to the diameter of the wheels.

Usually a battery up to 500W and 2.2Ah is used for a gyroscooter with small 4" wheels. For 10" wheels, the more powerful 700W or 1200W and 4.4Ah batteries are used, respectively.

How long the charge lasts and how to know when the device is empty

How long the charge of the gyroscooter lasts

Riding on a two-wheeled electric vehicle is very pleasant and exciting, but you should not forget about charging. You should not bring the gadget to a full discharge. It is almost impossible to predict how long a full charge can last, because it depends on many factors.

The impact is:

  • pavement;
  • weather;
  • battery capacity;
  • its manufacturer;
  • and much more.

A full charge may be enough for about 40 minutes or an hour. This is just enough time to go for a ride on the playground or to get from home to the workplace.

A fresh battery, provided that the asphalt is flat and there are no hills, will allow almost 3 hours or 15 kilometers of travel.

If the gadget runs out of power, the red indicator on the panel will flash and the characteristic warning signal will beep. After the alert, you cannot continue riding your gyroscooter. The signal tells you that the battery has less than 10 percent charge and that you need to charge the device urgently.

Remember that no matter how high capacity your battery is, it will discharge much faster if it is cold or wet outside.

It is dangerous to ride an electric vehicle when the level is low. It can disconnect the balance at any time, resulting in a fall and injury. The battery life will also not be positively affected. So in order not to bring the gadget to a complete discharge, keep an eye on the travel time and look at the indicator.

How long does it take to charge

How to charge a gyroscooter at home

You can charge the gyroboard anywhere there is a power outlet, but it is important to know how long it will take to charge. On average, it can take an hour and a half to two hours. In some cases, it may take up to three hours, but no more. If it takes more than three hours to charge, there is something wrong. The battery may need to be replaced or the unit itself may need to be repaired.

How to charge your gyro scooter correctly: on or off

Many owners of gyroscooters, including the company Smart Balance interested in the correct charging device.

In general, the device can be charged either on or off. But remember, if a power surge occurs while charging a powered on gadget, the electronic components may malfunction.

Also, when it is on, it will lose charge little by little. Therefore, it is advisable and safer to disconnect it and safely charge it.

How to charge a gyroscooter for the first time - battery calibration

How to charge a gyroscope for the first time

After purchasing a new gyroscope, it is important to calibrate the battery. The weather conditions are important in this case. If the device is brought from the street in cold weather, the appearance of condensation on the surface is inevitable. Proper charging implies completely dried parts without moisture accumulation. Therefore, you will have to wait a couple of hours.

The charger is always supplied in the kit, no other chargers can be used. All modern lithium-ion batteries that are used for gimbals must be properly calibrated before they can be used. It is necessary to follow instructions:

  • Connect the switched off device with the charger to the 220V socket.
  • Charge fully.
  • Discharge to the end (drive around the apartment, if possible, or in the hallway at home) and charge again.
These actions will allow you to set the correct capacity and significantly extend the service life.

Charging the battery of the gyroscope all subsequent times - a clear sequence

Correctly charging a gyroscope battery

Follow a few rules when charging your device afterwards.

  • The first thing to do after using the device outdoors is to carefully clean the charger slot. Dust, dirt, and moisture can get into it. (To simplify your life, it is advisable to purchase a special plug made of rubber. It is inexpensive. If you want you can make it with your own hands).
  • Insert the charger into the socket, after which the green light on the power supply should turn on.
  • Insert the plug into the connector on the gyroscope, at this point the light should turn red. This means that the battery has started charging.
  • When charging is complete, the first thing to do is to unplug the charger from the power outlet and only then from the device.
  • It is not unreasonable to check the battery charge level.

How to know if a gyroscooter is charged

It is easy to find out the charge level. Let's look at two ways you can use depending on the type of device.

Look at the charge indicator (if there is one)

When the battery is 100% charged, the indicator light should change from red to green. If you don't know how many hours your particular model of gyroscope should charge, you should remember that on average it takes up to 3 hours.

But not all models have a light indicator, so consider the following method.

Using the TaoTao app

This is a great option to monitor the condition of your electric vehicle. Fits appendix TaoTao for Android and iOS smartphones. But remember that it is not compatible with all gyroscooters, but only with such companies as Jack Scooter, Smart Balance and Wmotion.

A few rules that absolutely must not be violated when charging

How to know if a gyroscooter is charged

The battery life of the battery is relatively short, and amounts to only 500 to 800 cyclesTherefore, you should adhere to certain principles of charging.

  • In order not to shorten the life of the battery, you should not keep a charged device connected to the mains, the battery life will be significantly shortened.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the gyro scooter while it is plugged in. It can heat up to 60 degrees. If the device is used, the load will increase many times, resulting in a significant increase in temperature. It is possible that the battery will explode from overvoltage.
  • Storage also affects the service life. The gadget should not be kept in a place that is too cold. It should be stored at a minimum temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. At lower values, the battery will discharge very quickly. It is also not allowed to be stored at too high temperatures. If the temperature is above 40 degrees, the battery will overheat, rupturing its shell and causing it to spontaneously combust.
  • Never completely discharge the device. This also reduces the life of the battery. Charge at approximately 20 or 30 percent.
If you don't know how long it takes to charge a 10.5 inch gyroboard, charge it for no more than 2-3 hours.

Use the timer on your phone or computer so you don't over time it. They also sell chargers with a built-in timer, which is very convenient to use.

Proper winter storage

In winter, gyroscooters are usually not used due to weather conditions. Therefore, it is important to ensure proper storage. First of all, it should be fully charged and then half discharged. For example, if your vehicle is capable of riding for two hours, you need to use it for about one hour. This will allow it to be discharged by 50 percent.

What to do if the gyroscooter does not charge

There are many reasons why a gyroboard may not charge. They include:

  • Failure of the power supply;
  • The mains voltage is too high or too low;
  • Problems with the battery;
  • Controller failure.

If the charge indicator does not show, the only way is to reboot the gadget. When nothing changes from what you have done, you need to contact the service center.

Do not disassemble the device or the battery yourself.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

1. What should I do if my gyro scooter is not moving and the indicator light is red?

Your gyroboard may have simply run out of power. If after a full charge it does not go again, the problem may be in improper balancing or in the failure of any element. In any case it is not recommended to disassemble and repair the device by yourself.

2. Can't connect to the TaoTao application, what should I do?

The problem can occur if the gyroscooter is incompatible with this application. You can also try to solve the problem by installing an older version of TaoTao on your smartphone.

What should I do if my gadget won't charge with the new charger?

Most likely, the charger is not suitable for the device, even if the plug has a similar shape. You need to buy a "charger" from an authorized dealer that fits your model.

In this article, we have discussed the most important points concerning the proper charging of the gyroscope. If you follow all the rules and instructions, there will be no problems with the use of the gyroboard.

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