What to do if the electric scooter does not go

The "exotic" mode of transport is increasingly gaining momentum, because it is convenient and interesting to travel on it. But when such a situation occurs that the electric scooter does not go, users fall into despair. Types of faults, as well as ways to fix them, there are many, so quickly cope with the problem is not always possible. In this article, we will understand in detail what to do if the electric scooter does not go.

Causes of breakage

An electric vehicle may not turn on and therefore not drive whether it is new or already used. There are many reasons for this, as malfunctions occur in every internal element of the device.

Owners of an electric scooter often wonder why it has become slower or refuses to respond to the throttle handle at all. This is what we'll talk about next - popular causes of malfunction are the same for electric vehicles of any manufacturer.

Engine problems

Engine problems

The motor, as one of the main parts, directly affects the operation of the entire unit. Such a part may malfunction, overheat, or be subjected to excessive loads. All this leads to motor failure, so that the electric vehicle can only be used as an ordinary scooter, which is moved by the efforts of the user.

Charging and battery problems

A discharged electric scooter does not go far, so before you go out for a walk with this vehicle, you should check the condition of its battery. Procedure proper charging is probably familiar to all owners of two-wheeled vehicles. But quite often users are faced with the fact that the electric scooter does not charge or the autonomy drops dramatically during its operation. The reason may lie in the contacts or wires.

Contacts are loose

It is possible to diagnose loose contacts on the battery visually. This is evidenced by:

  • activation of all light indicators when the device is turned on;
  • automatically starts the buzzer;
  • after the loud alarm, the lights turn off alternately, and the last one remains in a blinking state.

Damaged wires

Electric scooter does not move because of damaged wires

The problem with the wires is created only if they are mechanically damaged. You will be able to detect the presence of the fault with a multimeter and visual inspection. The test is performed as follows:

  1. The battery is removed from the unit.
  2. Wires are inspected for cracks, breaks, etc.
  3. Resistance and voltage are measured.

If you find a single damaged wire, you will need to replace the entire bundle.

Problems with the control unit

The main element inside the electric scooter is the control unit. The contacts on it can also be broken. In addition, the cause of malfunction is often software failure. Due to a malfunction with this part, the device not only refuses to move, but also simply come on.

The fuse is blown

A blown fuse is determined visually, as well as with the help of a tester. Sometimes a burned element can be seen with the naked eye, so you do not have to make sure of its failure for a long time. And the causes of damage of this element are:

  • charging for too long;
  • overheating of the device;
  • prolonged driving at maximum speed.

Common problems when an electric scooter doesn't go

Common Problems Why Electric Scooters Don't Ride

Without determining the cause, it is possible to determine the "failure" of the electric scooter to ride by certain signs. The device itself indicates in various ways to the owner about the presence of a failure and the need to fix it in order to continue to use it in its usual mode.

Next, let's look at common situations that can happen to any electric scooter. You don't need any special knowledge or skills to identify them.

It beeps and won't go

This situation is often encountered by newcomers. The reason is the electronics or the battery. First of all, it is recommended to put the electric scooter on charging. If after this procedure it does not work in normal mode, it is necessary to contact the seller, as he sold a substandard product, or to the service center, if the device previously functioned as it should.

When buying an electric scooter, be sure to check that it is on, moving, and off.

It jerks.

When the motor jerks and the scooter does not move, you should look for the problem in the internal parts. It is possible that some element is made of low-quality materials, as a result of which the work of other components is disturbed as well.

It may happen that the unit suddenly starts to drive jerkily and stops after a short period of time. In this case, you should disassemble the vehicle and remove the controller board. On it there are item with the caption "F2" (located near the connector for the main board cable) - it should be replaced.

If the electric scooter jerks and the wheel does not turn at all, the problem is most likely in the wheel and not in the board.

Turns on, but doesn't drive

A common situation after trips in rainy weather has several solutions:

  • disassemble the device and dry the parts;
  • reset the control board.

Charged, but not going

If the electric scooter is charged but not moving

At first glance, the situation is very strange - the electric scooter does not go, but the battery is fully charged. In fact, such a problem occurs quite often, but there are many reasons for it. The malfunction occurs due to damaged wheels, battery failure or the control board. Each of these elements is available separately from the scooter, so it will not be difficult to replace it.

It cracks and won't go

The crackling sounds become audible immediately when you press the throttle grip. In this case, you will need to disassemble the wheels and grease the bearings. If the method does not give a positive result, you will have to inspect each part for mechanical damage and replace if necessary.

Started going slower and then stopped going

A decrease in speed while driving signals a problem with the engine. Trying to repair this component yourself is not a good idea if you do not have the proper skills. All the user can do is to replace the part with a new one or apply to a service center.

Does not respond to gas

If an electric scooter does not pick up speed, is slow or does not go at all when the throttle is pressed, the cause of the malfunction is a sticking throttle grip. This situation is usually caused by the rubber handle being pushed against the wall.

The second variant of the problem is mechanical damage to the handle as a result of dropping the electric vehicle. In this case, the only solution is to replace the part.

One wheel (front/rear) does not turn

The wheel won't turn

An equally common situation is when a wheel won't turn. It can very well happen to both the front and the rear element. And the reasons for this are as follows:

  • mechanical damage to the wheel and, as a consequence, its deformation;
  • Dirt entering the interior (after driving in the rain).

In both cases, it will require remove the wheel and check its components. Deformed elements should be replaced, and contamination can be removed with an ordinary damp cloth.

The problem with an electric scooter not going until you spin the wheel arises for the same reasons. Therefore, disassembly of the element is unavoidable.


The procedure for fixing the detected failure can be difficult, but its implementation is available to absolutely every owner of an electric scooter. The repair is carried out in different ways, and we present the most understandable and effective ones below.

Electric scooter parts repair

Self-repair of individual components is possible, but limited. Without the proper skills, the user can only check the integrity of parts, the connection and condition of wires and contacts, and use a tester to check voltage and resistance readings. If any damage is found, the component must be replaced. Nowadays, all the parts are available separately, so it is easy to save money in this case. If visually no damage can be detected, you will have to go to the service.

Real craftsmen are somewhat likely to be able to repair the part without replacing it with a new one, which will be an even more economical option.

System reboot

It is best to reboot the system with a fully charged battery. Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Disconnect the charger.
  2. Disassemble the scooter and disconnect the wire that carries the voltage from the battery to the board.
  3. Connect the charger unit and disconnect it again.
  4. Put the wire connecting the battery and the board back in place.
  5. Turn on the electric scooter.
  6. Wait about a minute and then connect the charger.

As a result the signal diode will flash at an interval of 1 second. This means that the operation was successful.

Software update

The update procedure requires connecting the scooter to a computer or smartphone. Next, by means of a special application, you need to download the new software to the vehicle. The MiHome utility, for example, is suitable for this purpose.

How to prevent breakdowns

Since repairing an electric scooter is not the easiest thing to do, it is better to try to prevent breakdowns. To do this, it is recommended that you take heed of the following tips:

  • Do not drive in rainy weather in a vehicle that is not protected against moisture;
  • not to move around in puddles;
  • charge the device and store it only in a dry place;
  • carefully insert and remove wires in the openings;
  • to use the "native" charger.

Answers to popular questions

Why doesn't the new electric scooter ride?

There are several reasons why a new electric scooter doesn't ride:

  • the battery is low;
  • damaged "insides" during transportation;
  • substandard assembly;
  • no connection to a smartphone.

Can vehicles not drive after getting caught in the rain?

Yes. Driving in the rain can cause moisture to get inside the device, which can lead to malfunctioning of individual components.

What do I do if my electric scooter stops going on a bump?

In this case, there are two solutions:

  • Replace the battery.
  • Set the balance of the device.

Xiaomi electric scooter gives error 14 and does not go, what is the reason?

This error code in Xiaomi devices indicates a problem with the throttle grip.

Repairing an electric scooter with your own hands is possible in almost all conditions. Sometimes this does not even require additional equipment, but most often it is necessary to use a standard set of tools. And if the warranty period of the device has not yet expired, it is worth addressing with a breakdown in the service center - masters will eliminate the problem for free and in a short time.

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  1. Николай

    Смотри едешь нормально набирает и потом просто бах без звуков просто снижается скорость пытаешься нажать начинает набирать но брыкатся и потом вовсё перестает реагировать на рычаг газа , при этом не выдает не какой ошибки

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  3. anryi

    The scooter stopped going more than 15 km

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    Помогите куго g 2 pro перестал заряжаться до полного потом вовсе перестал ехать что может быть?

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    Hello kugo s3 scooter, when you turn it on it beeps, shows a wrench, the wheels do not respond, what could be the reason?

  6. Vera

    Здравствуйте, Артём. Самокат yamato, скорость до 30 км, после работы 2 месяца, резко стал работать на скорости до 16 , больше не набирает. Если еду с небольшой горки с нажатием на газ, сбрасывает скорость до 12 км. Объясните пожалуйста в чем причина?

  7. Alexander

    Артем, помогите. У меня электросамокат KUGOO HX PRO. После включения АБ поднимаю переднее моторколесо и нажимаю на рукоятку газа. Стоит 3-я скорость. Колесо вращается и и экран выдает 31-32 км. Это нормально. Сбрасываю газ, становлюсь на самокат, газую, а он не разгоняется и ползет со скоростью 10 км/час! Да еще какие-то посторонние звуки.
    Your diagnosis. Please.

    1. Artem Novikov

      Most likely an emergency mode. Read 4PDA.

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    Good afternoon, the scooter Kuga m5 mileage of 600 km after loading on a forest road on the next day began to work with a failure until the ride is about 1 km, then everything passes, and works in normal mode. I would like to know your opinion, thank you in advance.

    1. Artem Novikov

      Most likely there is dirt or a damaged contact somewhere. It is advisable to check all elements of the scooter "by eye".

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    Самокат перестал набирать максимальную скорость из 30 км в час он едет 25-28. Так же он быстрее высаживает аккумулятор, такое чувство, что ему что-то мешает. Акум поставил новый и скорость также не набирает максимальную, но стал чутка меньше высаживать батарею. По моим предположениям и ощущения буд-то ему что-то мешает и он из-за этого не может набрать максимальную скорость и от перенагрузки быстрее высаживает батарею. мотор-колесо крутиться вроде нормально, от руки проворачивается раза полтора — два. Самокат у меня Zaxboard ES-9 PRO ( как ксиаоми) В чём может быть проблема?

    1. Artem Novikov

      Perhaps the update is to blame? There was something like this, you need to roll back. Or look in the settings, if any restrictions are available.

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