The best electric scooters for the city for adults

Electric scooters have become very popular among fans of active lifestyles. Many people refuse to use a car for short distances and choose electric transportation. In this article we will look at the best electric scooters for the city adults. The device will get rid of problems with parking and traffic jams on the road, and deliver to your destination with a breeze. In addition, such transport is much lighter than a bicycle and does not take up much space.

How to choose an electric scooter for an adult

Before buying an electric scooter, you need to know the main criteria. To make the purchase a pleasure, it is necessary to get acquainted with practical tips. You should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Motor power.
  • Wheel size.
  • Weight.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Battery.
  • Controls and electronics.

Now consider each point in order.


The first thing to decide is what type of motor you need for a good adult electric scooter for the city. There are two varieties, such as a motor-wheel and a separate electric motor with a chain drive. If the scooter is chosen for urban use, it is recommended to buy a model with a motor-wheel. They have less weight. It is also necessary to consider the power of the motor. And if the indicator is small, then the speed will develop slowly. The user, whose weight is more than 100 kilograms, it is recommended to buy an electric scooter with a powerful motor.

Wheel size

When choosing a scooter for flat asphalt, you can give preference to models with wheels up to 7 inches. But the best and most versatile option is the wheels more than 7 inches. It is also important to consider the smaller the wheel, the weaker the motor. If you are looking for the best option, both for asphalt and moving on soft ground, suit 8-10 inch models.


For short guys and girls are suitable scooters with an average weight of 10 to 16 kg. If the user has a large build, you should buy the most powerful model of transport, weighing from 16 kg.


How to choose an electric scooter for an adult

This is one of the important characteristics to consider when choosing an electric scooter for the city for adults. While children's models are only capable of speeds up to 8-12 km/h, more serious devices can travel at a speed of 20-35 km/h. Such indicators are excellent for driving in urban conditions. For those who like to ride with the wind, there are more powerful scooters, which develop a speed of up to 90 km/h.


An important selection criterion that directly affects how long the scooter will last. If you plan short walks close to home, the battery capacity of up to 5000 mAh is suitable. For commuting around town and work, fit model with a battery capacity of 8000 mAh. Those who like to ride farther, should choose an electric scooter, where the capacity is more than 12000 mAh. Such devices can travel a distance of up to 30 km. But it is important to consider that the road surface and the weight of the user affect the consumption of the charge.


Cheap electric scooters have the simplest controller, which displays only the level of charge. Some models also have an electronic speedometer. Expensive vehicle is equipped with a powerful controller, with which you can set the riding mode. There are also devices with control via a smartphone.

Why does an adult need an electric scooter?

Many people are used to thinking that an electric scooter is entertainment for children and teenagers. In fact, many adults use this type of environmentally friendly transport very often.

  • To travel around the city and even to work. In this case, you do not have to stand in traffic jams or pushing in public transport. Using an electric scooter, you can choose any convenient route.
  • You can easily ride a scooter to all the sights of the city, to the park.
  • This type of electric transport is often chosen by people with disabilities. For example, people who have recently undergone surgery and cannot walk much. Also among the elderly, the scooter becomes the best solution for moving around.

There are many ways to use an electric scooter. It can be carried around with no problems in a special bag. Thanks to the folding design, it does not take up much space and can be easily put in the trunk of the car.

Top 7 Electric Scooters for the City

KUGOO S3 - The best budget model


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The budget electric scooter is considered the most compact in its class. The handlebar height can be adjusted in three ranges, so it is suitable for users of different height and even for children. It has independent suspension, as well as rear and front shock absorbers. It is equipped with two 8-inch wheels and is great for riding in urban conditions. Stylish design is complemented by a small color display on the steering wheel, which displays all the necessary information for the user. It is controlled with a few keys on the housing.

The scooter has a sufficiently large ground clearance, so it has excellent cross-country ability, despite its budget class. The double shock-absorption system perfectly smoothes the unevenness of the road surface. Therefore, riding Kugoo S3 is a pleasure.

It can drive up to 45 kilometers in economy mode. The battery capacity is 6 Ah. It takes 4 hours to fully charge it. The scooter does not take much space for storage due to the folding design. Has a hand and foot brake. The power of the motor is 350 watts. Able to withstand considerable loads.

Key Features:

  • The maximum load is 100 kg.
  • The material of the wheels is rubber.
  • Weight - 11.6 kg.
  • The design is folding.


  1. Light weight.
  2. Affordable cost.
  3. Convenient Storage.
  4. Fast movement.


  1. On large bumps poorly cushioned.

Ninebot KickScooter Max G30P - Multifunctional scooter

Ninebot KickScooter Max G30P

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The top electric scooter for the city includes this model, which can withstand heavy loads. It has a folding design, making it easy to store and transport. The engine power of 350 W allows to move smoothly and confidently from the place and quickly enough to gain speed. It has a good grade when going uphill, with a maximum grade of 20 percent. The maximum speed it can reach is 30 km/h, given that the load on the device is within the limits.

The electric scooter has 10-inch wheels, which well cushion the unevenness of the road. The battery capacity of 15,000 mAh allows to ride up to 65 km on a full charge. But here again, the figure also depends on the weight of the user. The load that the device can withstand does not exceed 100 kg. The body is made of high-strength aluminum. There is a drum brake on the front wheel and an electric brake on the rear wheel.

It's easy enough to operate the vehicle. There is a throttle lever on the right and a brake lever on the left. There is also a mechanical type bell. There is a small on-board computer screen that displays important information. With one multifunctional button you can turn on the headlight, turn on or off the scooter, set the mode of movement.

Key Features:

  • The options are backlighting.
  • Weight - 19.2 kg.
  • The material of the wheels is rubber.
  • The maximum speed is 30 km/h.


  1. Quality tubeless wheels.
  2. Rugged folding case.
  3. Stylish design.
  4. Good cushioning.


  1. Heavy Weight.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 - The most popular model

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

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If you do not know how to choose an electric scooter for an adult for the city, you should pay attention to this model. It has a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, which makes it relatively lightweight. The weight of the device is 14.2 kg, which will be convenient for both girls and men. Battery capacity is 12,800 mAh, which allows you to travel up to 45 kilometers on a single full charge. The maximum speed of movement can reach 25 km / h. Wheels, measuring 8.5 inches are able to overcome small bumps in the city streets.

It takes about 8 to 9 hours to fully charge the scooter. It is possible to synchronize with Android and iOS smartphones. The power of the motor is 300 W, the design is able to withstand a load of up to 100 kg. The device from the famous Chinese brand is very popular due to the excellent technical data and affordable cost. Its folding design will not take up much space, such as when storing a bicycle. Case design has smooth lines without sharp corners and looks great.

Easy settings and controls will appeal to any user. There is a small but informative screen in the center of the steering wheel. It displays speed, battery level, and speed mode. When the headlight is on, you can see the corresponding symbol on the display. When a smartphone is activated, the Bluetooth icon is displayed.

Key Features:

  • Charging time is 9 hours.
  • Protection class - IP54.
  • The material is aluminum alloy.
  • Additionally - protection from moisture.


  1. Good range.
  2. Excellent handling.
  3. There is a spare tire with a tube.
  4. High quality build.


  1. The bell is far away from the finger.

Ninebot KickScooter E22 - Compact scooter for the city

Ninebot KickScooter E22

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The adult electric scooter rating includes a model that is ideal for urban environments. It has three riding modes, such as energy-saving, standard and sport. All of them differ in the speed of travel. Operating the electric vehicle is quite easy. There are two small levers on the steering wheel. On the right is the throttle and on the left is the brake. In the center is a small round display, on which the user can see the current speed, the level of charge.

The battery capacity of 5200 mAh allows you to drive up to 22 km on a single charge. The battery voltage is 36V. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery. The motor power of 300 W allows the electric vehicle to accelerate to a speed of 20 km/h without any problems. The speed of movement is also affected by the weight of the user. The maximum load can be no more than 100 kg. Powerful airless wheels are not afraid of punctures, so they will last a long time.

This model has three speed modes. On the first one you can travel no faster than 10 km/h, the second accelerates up to 25 km/h and the third is the fastest, capable of speeds up to 25 km/h. You can change these settings only in the app via your smartphone.

Key Features:

  • The design is folding.
  • Weight - 13 kg.
  • Wheels are 9 inches, tubeless.
  • Lighting - LED-lighting.


  1. Long battery life.
  2. Sturdy construction with no backlash.
  3. Rugged wheels.
  4. Comfortable movement even over small bumps.


  1. There is no wiring protection at the folding point.

MIDWAY Yamato MINI - The optimum lightweight option


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If you need a scooter with low weight, this model is the best choice. The device weighs only 8 kg, and also has a folding design. All this makes it much easier to carry and take up to the floor. Electric scooter is made of aluminum alloy, which guarantees high durability. It should be borne in mind that the motor power is 150 watts. Therefore, the vehicle will be able to carry a load of no more than 80 kg.

The budget electric scooter for the city is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh. With a full charge, you can travel up to 16 km. Charging time is 4 hours. On a level road and an average load, the scooter can accelerate up to 25 km/h. There is protection from moisture class IP56. This model can be easily parked thanks to the special stand. The 6-inch inflatable wheels can handle minor bumps and are well shock-absorbed.

The device is considered the most compact and lightweight in the entire lineup. The minimalist design and user-friendly controls contribute to a comfortable ride. The circular small display shows speed and other important information.

Key Features:

  • Communication with a smartphone is Bluetooth.
  • Lighting - front light and rear brake light.
  • Wheels - inflatable, 6 inches.
  • Weight - 8 kg.


  1. Lightweight and sturdy construction.
  2. Good cushioning.
  3. Easy operation.
  4. Attractive appearance.


  1. The range is only 16 km.

Halten RS-03 v.2 - Off-road electric scooter

Halten RS-03 v.2

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If you dream of a powerful scooter with off-road performance, this model is the best fit. It is equipped with 11-inch wheels, all-wheel drive, which allows you to move not only on city roads, but also off-road. Engine power is 2600 watts, which allows speeds up to 70 km/h. The maximum load is allowed up to 150 kg. It is the best electric scooter for the city and country roads.

The battery capacity is 24Ah. This capacity is enough to drive up to 60 km. The battery voltage is 60V. A fully discharged scooter can be charged in 10 hours. Off-road model has powerful features, but it is also heavy - 37 kg. It should be noted that this electric scooter with a seat. If desired, the accessory can be installed separately. You can also see the additional scooter seat models.

The controls are conveniently located. The on-board computer displays the necessary data. It is important to remember that after switching on again, the device does not remember the selected modes. Therefore, you will have to perform the settings again. When pressing the throttle lever, you may notice a slight delay, but you quickly get used to it.

Key Features:

  • Material is aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
  • The options are backlighting.
  • Wheels - inflatable, 11 inches.
  • Rudder height - 79 - 109 mm.


  1. High power.
  2. Large and sturdy wheels.
  3. Develops great speed.
  4. All-wheel drive.


  1. A lot of weight.

Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro - Newbie Buyer's Choice

Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro

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Users who are just getting ready to master the electric mode of transport can safely choose this model. It has characteristics that are perfect for beginners. The scooter has an impressive range of 45 km. The motor power of 300 W allows the electric scooter to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The design holds users up to 100 kg. In front, there is a special headlight for using the electric scooter at night. It is LED and has a high brightness. At the back there is a parking light and a brake light.

It is also equipped with IP54 protection. The scooter is made of durable aluminum alloy, so the weight is relatively small and amounts to 14.2 kg. The folding design will greatly facilitate transportation and storage of the device. There is a small display on the handlebar, where the user can see the speed and battery level.

Xiaomi has done a lot of work on the design, so it is impressive. The black body combined with red lines looks amazing. There are no complaints about the quality of assembly, everything is at the highest level. There is no play between the parts, the material is firm and pleasant to the touch. The disc brakes are reliable and lock the wheel smoothly.

Key Features:

  • The material of the wheels is rubber.
  • The material is aluminum.
  • Battery capacity 12.8 Ah.
  • The level of protection is IP54.


  1. The battery holds its charge well.
  2. The presence of the display.
  3. Excellent build quality.
  4. Fast enough acceleration.


  1. Often loses connection with a smartphone via Bluetooth.


Which electric scooter is right for a girl?

It is better to choose a transport with a small weight. For example, for a girl perfectly suits the model MIDWAY Yamato MINI, which weighs only 8 kg. But it is important to keep in mind that such a scooter is designed only for flat pavement. You can also choose models that weigh a little more than 10 kg. They are easy to transport, especially if you use a special case.

Is any scooter suitable for urban environments?

When choosing an electric scooter for the city, you need to take into account what distances you are going to ride. The volume of the battery is an important criterion here. If the electric vehicle is needed for small walks, models with a small battery capacity will do. If you plan to travel for business in the city and to work, you should choose a powerful device.

How do I ride an electric scooter around town?

According to the rules, electric scooter drivers are equal to pedestrians. A driver's license is not required for this type of transport. Therefore, it is necessary to move on sidewalks and special paths. If there are none, you must drive on the edge of the carriageway.

What to carry the scooter in?

There are special cases that have sturdy handles. These bags usually come with dust-proof zippers as well as a waterproof coating to prevent dust and moisture from getting onto the sensitive components of your device. If you're not sure how to make the right choice, you can see the best handbags.

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Choosing an electric scooter for the city is not an easy task. It is necessary to choose such a model, which will be able to withstand considerable loads, easily move and cover a considerable distance. All the scooters in our review are noteworthy and have impressive characteristics. The list includes models for beginners as well as powerful off-road scooters for advanced users.

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