How to protect the body of a gyroscooter

Such a means of transportation as a gyroscooter appeared in the world relatively recently, but its popularity is rapidly increasing with each new day. Originally this gadget was only a fashionable toy, but today it is used as a transport for walking in the street and a device for sports activities. Because of the active use, users often think about how to protect the body of the gyroscooter. This idea is very relevant for any device, because good protection will help to avoid many damages and will keep the appearance of the gyroboard.

Why and when a gyroscooter needs protection

Cracks and scratches on the body of an electric vehicle are common problems. Almost all owners of gyroscooters face this problem, regardless of their driving skills and the cost of the vehicle itself. Such damage occurs as a result of collisions with any surfaces, and their elimination is essential.

Scratches are only the unpleasant appearance of two-wheeled electric vehicles. But cracks are considered a more serious problem, because they often contribute to the failure of the "electronic stuffing" of the gadget.

It is recommended to protect the gyroboard immediately after purchase. Bypassing this advice, as a result, when the body is damaged, its owner will have to pay a lot of money, because the renewal of this part - an expensive pleasure.

Silicone protection

A kind of silicone case is a great way to protect your gyro scooter, which will contribute to prolonging the life of the device. This option will suit any model of electric transport, because all of them are made of not quite durable plastic and are prone to various external damages.

К benefits The following points are made by professional riders and manufacturers of gyroscooters:

  • preventing moisture from getting inside;
  • vibration reduction by about 30%, ensuring smooth running;
  • shock mitigation.

You can buy a silicone pad at any specialized store or on the Internet. It does not cost as much as the gyroboard itself or its parts.

How to remove scratches on a gyroscooter

How to remove scratches on a gyroscooter

If the scratches could not be prevented, it is worth trying to eliminate them. The well-known tools and remedies can help:

  1. A construction hair dryer. Use it to heat the area where the scratches appeared. The principle of the hair dryer is that when the temperature increases, small defects begin to heal on their own and become invisible.
  2. Lighter. It works in the same way as a hair dryer, but it takes less time to endure. Bringing an open flame to the damaged area, it should be waved along 2-3 times.
  3. A scratch pencil. It is sold in construction stores and looks like an ordinary glue stick. It works very quickly - you just need to run it over the scratch a few times, not pressing down hard.

Choosing the pencil method, you should also take care about the right choice of color.

Improving the appearance of the gyroboard

How to protect the body of a gyroscooter

Scratch removal - is a time-consuming process and users do not always want to resort to it. Using a sticker or tuning with your own hands are two ways that will not only hide the damage, but also greatly improve the appearance of the device.


A protective tape is used as a sticker, which is sold even in auto parts stores. It is made of rubber and is shock resistant. The tape should be placed on the joints of the body and the areas that are most susceptible to impact. This element is available for sale in different color variations, so it is easy to create an attractive design with it.


In this case, you will need to buy a special spray paint or facade agent. These mixtures are made with additives that increase their durability and provide optimum thickness. Such paint is allowed to paint not only areas with scratches and scuffs, but also the rest of the body. This makes it possible to create your own unique pattern.

How to repair the case

How to repair a gyroscooter body

Knowing how to paint just a scratched gyroscooter, some users are eager to learn more and crave instructions on how to repair the body with cracks. The reason for this is that simple tuning will not help to hide such damage, so you should look for another way out.

When cracks appear on the body, the most convenient way to solve the problem is to buy a new part. But its cost suits not all owners of electric vehicles. There is no point in getting upset because of this, because it is quite realistic to repair the body.

As a means to eliminate the "wounds" of the gyroscope is suitable epoxy resin. It is allowed to glue cracks and even reattach splintered parts to the hull.

After using the resin, the treated areas should be covered with paint that matches the color of the gadget body. This way the cracks will not be visible to others.

How to reinforce PVC plastic

Today not all models of electric vehicles are made of durable materials, so the question of how to strengthen the PVC plastic on your gyroscooter remains relevant. There are optimal options for achieving the result two:

  1. Adhesive Ribbon made of rubber. It has already been described above. If there is a desire, it is allowed to place the tape not only in separate areas, but also on the whole surface of the gyroboard body. For this purpose it is worth to buy more wide the product and glue it to the plastic, leaving no gaps.
  2. Transparent film with an adhesive backing. Its working principle is the same as that of the tape. The tape has increased strength and is considered a good armor for the gyro scooter. It is sold in specialized stores in the form of rolls. For one gadget is enough to buy 1 sq.m. The film should be glued to the housing by cutting off the remains with scissors or a box cutter.

Protecting the gyroboard from the inside

In addition to external protection for electric vehicles, it is also realistic to provide internal protection. A sealing method and internal treatment of the parts is all that is required for a successful operation. This option will help to avoid moisture ingress inside and will not allow rapid failure of the electronics in case of cracks on the outside.

Stages protection of two-wheeled vehicles:

  1. Remove the trim.
  2. Disconnect all possible elements from each other.
  3. Send the battery in a separate case.
  4. Coat the electronic parts with a special varnish.
  5. Take it off wheels and treat the motors.
  6. Put the gyroboard back together.

Similar sealing can be done from the outside, but the effect will be much lower than the treatment of the "insides".

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

1. Can I use ordinary gouache to cover scratches?

It is not forbidden to do this, but the effect will not last more than one use of the gyroboard.

2. Is a gyroscooter with silicone protection becoming fully waterproof?

No, the silicone overlay provides protection only against light rain, but the downpour is still able to penetrate the gadget. And since it is located on top of the body, you should not ride this gyroboard in puddles, because the whole bottom of the device is open.

3. How do I protect my gyro scooter before using it in winter?

To do this, you should change the rubber, provide thermal protection, seal the internal boards and take care of the water protection.

Fixing scuffs and cracks on the body of the gyroscope is not difficult, but sometimes takes a considerable amount of time. Protection is necessary for every gadget to prevent future breakages and to enjoy the ride on the fashionable transport longer. Therefore, it is worth spending the time to ensure it immediately after the purchase of the gyroboard. If you follow the instructions mentioned in the article, the work will go without any problems.

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