How to calibrate a gyroscope correctly

Owners of modern two-wheelers enjoy the feeling of floating above the ground when they first get on a gyroscooter. But over time, these devices tend to lose their balance and become harder to ride. This raises the question of how to properly calibrate a gyro scooter so that you can safely ride it again.

Why and when to calibrate the gyroscope

How to calibrate a gyroscope correctly

The need for calibration arises when there is a malfunction in the balancing system. For example, if the vehicle does not obey its owner and the driver needs to exert more force to make serious maneuvers, it is already unbalanced.

As a rule, users think about calibration in such cases:

  • the platform drops or rises too much during the ride;
  • The red light next to the charge indicator on the panel is on;
  • sides of the gyroscope are on different levels;
  • movement was no longer smooth;
  • The gyroboard vibrates and jerks under the rider.

How to calibrate a gyroscooter correctly

How to calibrate a gyroscooter correctly

The procedure of gyroboard calibration is a common measure, so no user can do without it. The only exception is when the device becomes unusable a few days after its purchase. In general, calibration is required for each model, and it is carried out without additional tools, as there is no need to unscrew and remove anything.

The balance system can be brought back to normal in a few simple steps. Together, they won't take more than 5 minutes.

After purchase

As a rule, it is not necessary to calibrate a new gyroscope. This is explained by the fact that the gadget already has default settingsIt rides perfectly. Although, in case you have balance problems with your newly purchased device, you should return it to the seller or correct the situation yourself.

After a long downtime

When the gyroscooter was actively used for transportation, and then the owner left it for a long time in a state of inactivity, the settings may well go wrong. Therefore, if you take the gadget out after a long period of inactivity and find faults, you should not worry. It is possible to calibrate the vehicle even in this situation.

Full charge

First of all, a gyroscooter is required charge to maximum. This condition is mandatory for all models of modern electric vehicles, including the famous Smart Balance 10.5. And the full charge is determined by the green light of the battery status indicator.

Reset to factory settings

The next stage is more capacious. It implies factory reset and return the gadget to the condition in which it was at the time of purchase.

To reset, proceed as follows:

  • Disconnect the gyroscooter.
  • Place the device on a flat surface (so that the charge and motion sensors are level).
  • Press and hold the trigger for exactly 10 seconds (after which you should hear a beep indicating that you are in balancing mode).
  • Release the button and wait 30 seconds.
  • Press the power key to confirm the new settings.

More modern models of gyroscooters are sold in a set with remote controls. There is a special provision for them Another way to reset. In this case, the operation will mostly involve the remote control and not the vehicle itself.

How often do you need to calibrate

Take measures to bring the balance system back to normal only in cases of obvious malfunctions in it. If the gyroscope was originally correct choiceThe need for calibration is extremely rare. The optimum frequency for this procedure is no more than once a year.

Final calibration check

After fixing problems with the balance of the gyroscope, it is worth checking the correctness and effectiveness of the actions performed. To do this, it is recommended to perform a 3-minute ride on a flat surface. Successful completion of the operation is signaled by the smooth running of the transport and the movement of both wheels at the same level.

The ideal way to check the gyroboard's performance after setup would be indoors.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

1. Is it true that calibration will make the gyro scooter ride better?

This statement applies only when the balance system of the vehicle is broken. If the gyro scooter moves well, without causing inconvenience to the rider, there is no need to change anything in it, as it will not work even better.

2. Where is the best place to calibrate and test electric vehicles?

It should be done on a flat surface. It doesn't matter if it's indoors or outdoors.

3. What to do if after calibration the gyro scooter still rides badly?

The reason for this result is that the device is not level during calibration. In this case you need to repeat all the same steps to restore the balance, but placing the gyroboard on a flat surface.

Malfunctions in the gyroscope are not uncommon, but there is always a solution. To solve the problem with the balancing system is quite real on your own. Having tried the method described in the article, the vehicle is sure to correct itself and become better able to move. Therefore, it simply does not make sense to quickly run to a service center and leave there a large sum of money for simple actions.

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