How to reset the password on a gyroscooter

The password on the gyroscope is as important as on a smartphone or any other device. It allows the user to control the electric transport, change the settings, doing it himself. Thanks to the locking of the gadget, no one who does not know the access code can use it. But sometimes there are unforeseen situations in which the owners are looking for an answer to the question: how to reset the password on the gyroscooter? More about such situations and the way out of them we will talk in this article.

Why do I need a password in TaoTao?

Tao Tao password is a code consisting of of six digits. It provides the user with access to a mobile app in order to control the two-wheeled electric vehicle. It is after TaoTao connections It is possible to configure new models of gyroscooters by changing parameters with just two or three clicks on the touch screen.

Resetting the password in TaoTao is usually required when the user forgets it and cannot connect to the electric transport.

Ways to remove the password from a gyroscooter

If you forget your TaoTao password and can't remember it, or if the reset occurred after an update, don't panic. In this case the following will help factory reset. At the same time, experienced users advise to turn to faster ways - delete the TaoTao application (the password from the gyroscooter will go with it, if the system has not crashed), or erase its data through the smartphone settings.

How to unlock a gyroscooter

When the lock mode is on, the gyro stops responding to the user's commands, although it does not turn off. The gadget will not stop working until the owner presses the disconnect button. In some cases, this function is very useful, but often there is a logical question: how to unlock your gyroscooter? Here is two ways - with and without the remote control. It is easy to unlock, regardless of the brand of the device.

Without remote control

Not all modern gyroscooters have remote controls. Fortunately, it is possible to unlock the device without it. As a rule, the user only needs to press the power key on the body, after which the gadget will begin to respond to the owner's commands. But in some cases, this method turns out to be ineffective - then you will have to study the instructions for the specific model, because they all have their own characteristics and can perform functions in different ways.

With remote control

The second way is much easier and faster. Special remotes for gyroscooters have a locking and unlocking function. Lock button. By tapping it, the corresponding mode is activated instantly.

The remote control triggers at a distance up to 5 meters from the gadget. The lower the charge level of the electric vehicle, the closer you need to get to it to unlock it.

Resetting the password and unlocking the gyroscooter is not difficult if you follow the steps step by step. Fortunately, the problem discussed in this article is solved in just a few minutes. There is no need to go to a service center for troubleshooting. Both an adult user and a child will be able to cope with the task, because gyroboards are already available for different generations.

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