How to reset a gyroscooter to factory settings

Gyroscooters have appeared relatively recently in retail sales. Now it is one of the most favorite means of transportation for young people. But it is worth noting that the device is a gadget with many settings. Even in stores salespeople are not always able to answer all of the buyer's questions, so in this article let's figure out how to reset the gyroscooter to the factory settings.

What are the reasons for doing a Hard Reset

There can be several reasons for rebooting. It happens that in the process of operation the gyro scooter loses speed when accelerating, the information in the application is displayed incorrectly, there are jerks when moving. At such moments, many owners are puzzled, why do such problems appear?

Even if you treat your gadget with care, this will not save it from software failures. Even if you take care of your gadget, this will not save it from software failures.

When there is a strong suspicion that the fault is due to a glitch in the software settings, you should perform a "Hard Restart".

If there is even the slightest doubt in your own abilities, it is better to contact the service center. Despite the ease of operation, even a small mistake can cause a serious breakdown. Subsequently, both gyroscopic sensors may fail.

How to reset a gyroscooter

Resetting the settings on your gyroscope is easy enough. Performing this operation will not affect the warranty period of the device. But as already mentioned, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to contact a specialist. There are two ways, to reset the settings to the original version. Consider both options.

Using the remote control

How to reset a gyroscooter to factory settings by remote control

Gyroscooters are sold complete with a remote control. Therefore, you can reset it with it. You need to do the following steps:

  • Install the gyroscooter on a flat surface, because after reloading the software will remember exactly the position in which the electric vehicle will be.
  • Depending on the device model, there will be a "bell" or "open lock" button on the remote control. It must be pressed and held until there is a loud sound. At this point, release the button.
  • Forty seconds after the sound has stopped and the lights have stopped flashing on the body, you must turn off the device. At this point Hard Reset of the electric gyroscooter is considered complete.
You need to turn on the gadget and check whether the settings are reset or not.

If all steps have been performed correctly and the software failure is corrected, the gyroscope is ready to use in its original form.

Without remote control

How to reset a gyro scooter without a remote control
You can reboot your gyroscooter without using the remote control in much the same way as with the remote control. Only to hard reset you need to hold down the power button on the device itself. Otherwise, the steps are the same.

Remember that if the hard reset is not performed correctly, you will have to recalibrate, and in case of difficulties contact a specialized service.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

1. Can calibration affect controllability?

This is one of the common misconceptions among beginners. Resetting to the original settings has no effect on electric vehicle handling.

2. What should I do if the Smart Balance gyroscope's indicators could not be reset?

Perhaps the sides of the gyroscope were not in the same plane at the time of resetting, so it was not possible to reset the readings correctly. You should try to perform all the actions again. If it does not work again, you need to contact a specialist.

3. Is it dangerous to do a factory reset, can the firmware be lost?

This can happen very rarely. If you follow all the advice and follow all the points clearly, there will be no problems with the device and the software.

In this article, we looked at 2 ways to reset your gyroscope to factory settings. The options are simple enough, and such a task can be handled by a beginner. If the mini-sigway does not come with a remote control, you can reset it only through the button on the body.

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    Smart Balance 10.5 without remote control. Pressing the button will calibrate. Please tell me how to reset the password.

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