How to check a gyro scooter for originality

Gyroscooters are considered complex technical inventions. Such gadgets are put on sale by many well-known manufacturers, trying to surprise consumers with innovations and increase their popularity. But along with them the market is flooded with fake products from unknown companies. Unoriginal gyroscooters do not please their owners, because problems with them arise almost immediately after purchase. In this case, the cost of real and fake models differ by a maximum of 100 dollars.

In fact, it is unlikely that anyone would want to spend money on a fake, even repairable under warranty. Therefore, every modern user should know how to check the gyro scooter for originality. We will talk in detail about all the existing methods in this article.

A few tips before you buy

It is possible to buy a really high quality mini-sigway the first time. It will not be difficult to make a wrong choice if you study and use the following tips:

  1. The device should be purchased from an authorized dealer, or through the manufacturer's official website.
  2. Choosing a gyroscuter particular company, it is worth checking out the date of manufacture and the patent for the manufacture of such devices from the company.
  3. When buying a gadget online, you should check the product page for all the specifications - from the category and name of the battery to the material of the case.
  4. Along with the device, you should ask the seller for a Russian-language manual and warranty card and a Russian certificate with a blue seal.
  5. On the back of the new gyroboard you need to find the two warranty stickers.
If you manage to find all these things when buying a gyroscooter, you should not pay for it right away. The presence of these points does not indicate the originality of the device.

How to distinguish a quality gyroscooter from a low-quality one

It is not difficult to identify a fake and it is quite realistic to do it with your own hands. The first thing you need to do is carefully inspect the device and all the elements attached to it, paying attention to the points listed below.

Packaging and packaging

How to distinguish a quality gyroscooter from low-quality by packaging

The first step in checking for authenticity will be an inspection of the packaging and equipment. Detect a fake is quite real already at this stage, so do not ignore it. The first thing you need to do Compare packaging of the purchased gyroboard with what it should look like in the original.

Photos of the original packaging are available on the manufacturers' websites, so you need to find the product you bought there and compare the boxes.

A cause for concern could be absence of any of the inscriptions:

  • about caution when using a gyroscope;
  • listing the main components of the device along with their characteristics;
  • phrases in Russian (if the product is intended for use in Russia and neighboring countries).

The next important point will be complete set. It is also possible to find it on the pages of the manufacturer's main site. The counterfeit is usually said to be:

  • no carrying bag (unscrupulous sellers try to sell it separately to get more profit);
  • no remote control (for the original Samsung batteries, which are installed on most models of gyroboards, you need a special remote control that allows you to control the device remotely, for the Chinese ones, which are used by cheaters, the remote control is not required).


The second way to distinguish a truly original gyroscooter from a fake is to examine the device itself. Here you first need to read the description of the gadget on the official website of the manufacturer, and then make sure that the purchased electric transport corresponds to it. Quite often buyers find such differences:

  • Instead of the promised perforated rubber padding under the feet there is the usual molded rubber;
  • The design of the housing does not match the picture;
  • The tread pattern on the tires diverges from the original.

Genuine models that are approved for use in Europe are also marked with Rosh and CE. If they are absent, you can start to raise the alarm.

If you notice a discrepancy between the device you bought and the original on the official site, it is worth calling to the manufacturer's hotline (the number is listed on the same site) and find out the likelihood of such differences.

Build quality

How to check a gyro scooter for originality by build quality

The next option for checking the gyroboard for originality will be the quality of its assembly. To do this you will need check out:

  • the weight of the entire structure (on the site of the manufacturer in the description of the model it is necessarily specified);
  • wheel backlash;
  • the attachment of the overlays;
  • case integrity;
  • A distinctly unpleasant smell of rubber, plastic (it is only a fake).

Some original models give off a burning smell the first time they are turned on, but it disappears after 3-5 minutes.

Motor-wheel and tires

Checking the authenticity of the gyroscooter by the motor-wheel

This method of detecting fakes is possible even when buying a gadget. So, first of all, you need to pay attention to the width of the stator and the rotor - genuine devices have equal widths. As for the winding, the original is even and neat, it fills all the space, and the fake is rough, flattened, unevenly distributed.

Checking your gyro scooter by tires

The wheels of gyroscooters are inflatable or rubber, if necessary, they can easily removed. Their tires must not emit an unpleasant odor, because it, being poisonous, spreads quickly through the room and can cause harm to human health.

Battery and power supply

How to tell a fake gyroscooter from the battery

As difficult as it may seem at first glance, the way to identify a fake takes literally 10 minutes. First, let's deal with the battery. In original gyroscooters it has its own quality certificates, safety certificate, temperature sensor, fuses and capacity indicated on the packaging and on the manufacturer's website.

The original charger for the gyro scooter

Cheap and fake gyroboards use low quality Chinese batteries. They do not match the capacity declared by the real manufacturer, they disconnect on their own while riding, break quickly and have a tendency to explode. In addition, inside the main battery cheaters often replace shamTherefore, it is not always possible to charge it.

A non-original battery on a gyroscope can replace for a quality one. But, as a rule, it is not the only element indicating a fake, and therefore it will be more profitable to change the whole gadget.

System board

Checking the originality of the gyroboard on the motherboard

Next, let's move on to the boards. In Smart Balance devices, all of them, including the system board, are made by the manufacturer TaoTao. In the presence of these boards in the "body" of the gyro scooter, the user can safely travel on it without fear of jolts and sudden shutdown.

Quality of the gyro scooter assembly

Fake gyroboards use boards from unknown brands. They cause a lot of trouble for the owner. inconveniences:

  • You need to press the button several times to turn on the device;
  • unstable operation of the boards;
  • the speakers, LEDs and Bluetooth is turned off by itself.

Other ways to work

In addition to the appearance of the gyroscooter, its parts and equipment, there are several other ways to check the originality. They will be more reliable, but also require a little more time.

Checking by serial number

An effective and quick way to distinguish a fake gyroboard from the original is the serial number. It is a code that can be found on the warranty sticker. It is realistic to check it on the main site of the device brand. To do this, you need to find the necessary section there and enter the entire code in the appropriate line.

After that the system may or may not find the number in the database. In the first case you should not doubt the originality of the device, in the second - it is better to check again, and if you get an identical result the second time to return the product to an unscrupulous seller.

Checking with apps

It is possible to distinguish a really good gyroscuter from a bad copy by means of special programs. Every famous manufacturer has created an app for your gyroboardwhich you can install on your smartphone. Such utilities expand the user's capabilities and allow them to get additional information about their electric vehicle. And it's not hard to detect fakes with their help - if the gadget is not Connects to the phone through the program intended for it, it is not the original.

How to find out the model of a gyroscooter without documents

It is easy enough to identify the manufacturer of electric vehicles - it is indicated on the packaging. As for the specific model, the matter is more complicated. It requires Connect to TaoTao (for Smart Balance devices) or to another application corresponding to the gyroscope. Then the program will automatically display the full name of the gadget. If the gyroboard refuses to connect, it is not possible to know the model exactly.

It is not recommended to buy a gyroscooter without documents, even if it is done "from hand". The reason for this is one - most likely the gadget will be of poor quality.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

1. Where do gyroscooters come from?

Such electric vehicles are created exclusively in China. There are companies there that produce both original and fake models. In the first case, the work takes place in factories, quality components are used and strict assembly standards are observed, while in the second case, the production is done by unskilled "craftsmen" using cheap spare parts at home or in clandestine factories.

2. What are the dangers of a fake gyroscooter?

If you purchase a non-original gadget, the problems will be immediately noticeable. It performs poorly, responds poorly to the owner's commands and discharges quickly. In addition, if the battery overheats, it can spontaneously combust, which is harmful to both the gyroscooter itself and the user.

3. Which gyroscooters are most often counterfeited?

These are Smart Balance devices. Frequent production of fakes is due to the popularity of the brand and their low price, so the cost of copies often does not differ from the price tag of the originals.

Ways to detect fakes should be taken by people who already own a gyroscooter or are just about to buy one. Our article lists absolutely all options for checking the electric transport, so by studying them, it will not be difficult to find faults in the device. In addition, you can check the originality yourself, without turning to the wizards and without spending extra money

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