How to choose the right gyro scooter for a child and an adult

In the world of high technology, users want to buy a good gadget, which can be used for many years without any problems. Since battery-powered two-wheeled vehicles are popular today, people are often interested in how to choose the right gyroscooter for a child or an adult.

Such devices are liked by men, women, teenagers and young children. For each age category there are different gyroscooters, so when choosing them, you should be guided not only by the cost and appearance, but also by other parameters. The main criteria for choosing a wireless transport are just described in our article.

What you need to know before buying + tips

Before you learn about how to choose a good gyroscooter, it is worth to consider a couple of important points. They will not be superfluous for those who have definitely decided to buy this vehicle.

  • The first thing to say is that there are several varieties of gyroscooters. Although they all perform the function of movement and are charged from the mains, there are differences between these models in terms of control, weight, etc.
  • The second important point is the weight of the person. Buying a gyroscooter, it is necessary to determine exactly who will ride itI am an adult or a child.

It is also worth taking advice from experts who really know about such gadgets.

Tips from the professionals:

  • If you buy a gyroscooter not for yourself, but for commercial purposes, it is better to choose a variant with bright colors, attracting others. Also small wheels will not be superfluous, because mainly children will ride on this transport for money.
  • There is no need to be fooled by trendy add-ons, for which modern manufacturers increase the cost of the product at times. These "add-ons" include: remote control of the gadget, smart stuffing, etc.
  • If there are several options, of which it is not possible to choose a suitable model, it is worth considering a gyroscooter, which has open wheels, because they will be easier Take it off if necessary.

Types and main differences

Types of gyroscooters, segways and monocars

Today, such electric vehicles are made in several modifications. They differ from each other by design. On sale you can easily find models with steering, on one or two wheels. The main varieties of gyroscooters are:

  1. Seagway. It is an adult gyroscooter with a handle that acts as a steering wheel for steering. This vehicle is equipped with two large wheels. Although the era of gyro scooters began with this variety, because of their large size and weight, sigways are not widespread.
  2. Handle-less gyroscooter. The compact electric vehicle differs from the previous one in that it has no steering wheel. You can make it go forward or backward by tilting the body of the rider in the desired direction.
  3. Mini-sigway. This modification is considered a combination. To go forward and backward, the driver will need to tilt the body, and the turn to the side is made by means of the steering lever, clamped between the legs. It is with this type of device that children are recommended to start getting acquainted with gyro gadgets.
  4. Monowheel. It acts as the most original means of transportation. Such a vehicle is made in the form of a wheel with footrests on the sides. Because of its design, the monocycle resembles circus bicycles, consisting of a wheel, seat and pedals. Only in today's electric transport and there is nothing to sit on, and pedals do not have to twist. And the monocycle is controlled in the same way as a regular gyroscooter - by tilting the human body in the right direction.

Choosing by weight

Gyroscooters are difficult to overload with the weight of the rider, but not all people are able to make them ride. The fact is that there are minimum weight of a person at which the vehicle is able to start moving. So, for example, models with 10-inch wheels require a weight of over 40 kg.

If it is smaller, the device will shake, trying to throw its owner, which increases the risk of injury.

Children with body weight 20 to 40 kg A 10.5-inch model with a self-balancing function and the ability to management through the TaoTao application. These gyroscooters are good because their sensitivity is set to a minimum and they will not shake.

Restrictions on the maximum weight also exist. Experienced craftsmen do not recommend getting on an electric vehicle, regardless of the size of its wheels, to people whose weight exceeds 120 kg. The reason for this limitation is the possible deformation of some of the "insides" of the device, and bringing it back to life will not help even reloading.

How to distinguish an original gyroscooter from a fake

How to distinguish an original gyroscooter from a fake

In addition to the above nuances is worth to learn and a few facts that will help to check the authenticity of the model gyroscuter and find out if the device will serve its owner for many years and the money will not be spent in vain. To do this, there are 7 main differences The following are all detailed descriptions of the original vehicle from the fake one.


1 The best option is considered a gyroscooter with rigid corners. Due to them, the vehicle withstands shocks and impacts when it collides with solid obstacles. As a rule, manufacturers are not trying to save on this detail, as it gives out a fake instantly. Therefore, when you see a flimsy body without corners and with backlashes, you should immediately refuse such a device, because it is already clear that it was made by "homemade".

Battery and Chargers

2 Battery reliability is one of the hotly debated issues. Today there are quite a few photos and videos on the Internet, which clearly show the combustion of electric vehicle power cells. And this happens because customers are unaware of what a quality and durable battery should be.

It is not difficult to wait for a battery fire if its origin was not originally known. Sudden disconnection as a consequence of such an occurrence often results in a fall and injury.

This is especially true if the rider was riding high speeds and stopped abruptly. The safety of the battery is proven by UL certification.

A cheap battery and its low quality gives away the capacity. The manufacturers supply the battery at 2000-4500 mAhBut the average person is unlikely to be able to verify the characteristics indicated on the packaging. And even when removing the battery from the body of the gyroscooter it is difficult to detect fakes and false labels. Because of this users often want to replace the battery, checking its quality beforehand.

The charger is also important in distinguishing the original from the fake. A quality item must have following features:

  • compactness;
  • detachable and long cord;
  • no fan (since the original device does not require additional cooling);
  • CE, RoHS, UL and FCC certification;
  • tangible weight.

You will also be interested in Rules for charging a new gyroscope.

As for the fake power supplies, they are equipped with a fan, because they heat up quickly and need cooling to continue to work properly. In addition, they give off a specific smell, and during operation, these elements are very noisy. Their weight is minimal. But at the same time on the labels of fake power supplies there is a mark of European conformity and the FCC.


3 It is not difficult to distinguish between high-quality and durable wheels, as they have a wide tread and disc, and do not emit an unpleasant odor. The cheap counterparts have an acrid odor noticed immediately, and within a few minutes it spreads throughout the room. And it is explained by a strong desire of the manufacturer to save money in the manufacture of wheels, which is why low quality rubber is used, which exudes this aroma.

The specific smell passes quickly to the respiratory organs, and being in the same room with it for a long time is fraught with serious health problems, ranging from severe headaches to asthma.

System board

4 The most profitable purchase is considered to be a gyroscooter with three upgraded boards from the best electronics maker TaoTao. They are famous for their smooth running, high level of reliability and stability in operation. Transport with such parts allows people with a weight of 20 kg. If it is less, the gyroboard just won't ride.


5 On Internet forums, users often express their opinions about wheel magnets. Although the size of the original and fake parts are the same (3 cm), they perform their functions in different ways. In the first case, the vehicle moves smoothly and evenly, in the second - it jerks and goes diagonally (one side overtakes the other).

Externally, a fake differs in the presence of chips, cracks and metal shavings, which in the original magnets can not be.


6 In a good motor, the manufacturer provides a neat winding, several 3 cm cores, and a hall sensor in a protective sheath. There should be no damage to the part body and no metal shavings there. And the normal power of the motor is 350W.

In a bad gyroscooter is the opposite - a large amount of metal shavings, cracks and chips, fuses to protect against overheating. Fake quickly begins to smoke, so it can sometimes be recognized even at the stage of testing the transport in the store.


7 The original electric transport is sold in a box of thick cardboard with a handle, inside which there is foam plastic, which completely fills the space around the product, due to which the transport does not move during the movement from the store to the house. Fakes, as a rule, do not have a handle for convenient transportation of the box, the foam is there, but loose and in minimal quantities.

How to know how many inches a gyroscooter wheel is

How to know how many inches a gyroscooter wheel is

Depending on the size of the wheels of an electric vehicle, its appearance changes. They come in diameters of 6.5, 8, and 10 inches. The size also determines how much weight a person can carry.

6.5 inches.

Models with this wheel diameter have a large load capacity and are suitable for entertainment both children and adults. It is quite real to distinguish them visually by the rigid tires. It is comfortable to drive on such wheels only on flat surfaces. At the same time, the maximum weight of the vehicle itself does not exceed 12 kgand you can accelerate on it at 10-12 km/h.

8 inches

These wheels are slightly larger than the previous ones and have a clearly visible clearance. The vehicle with 8-inch wheels is also allowed to ride only on level surfaces. And their speed reaches 15 km/h.

10 inches

Judging by the reviews of users, these wheels act as leaders. They have inflatable pneumatic tires and high cross-country ability, due to which they can move a person even on rough roads. These wheels can support the weight of up to 120 kg and accelerate to speeds of above 20 km/h.

What size gyroscooter is better to choose

It is up to each buyer to select a specific size of electric transport. The most important thing here is convenience. Some people will like to drive a compact model, while others will want to test their strength on a large-sized gyroscooter.

The weight of the construction also depends on the size. Therefore, you should consider beforehand whether you want to carry a heavy device in your hands every day from home to the place of riding or whether it is better to buy a compact device that will not make your muscles strain too much.

How to choose a gyroscooter for a child

How to choose a gyroscooter for a child

Parents always buy their children good toys that will last them for a long time. But with gyroscooters there is often a dilemma, because there is a huge range of models on sale, designed specifically for children or teenagers. And to choose among them the most suitable model will help the secrets from the professionals listed below.

What parameters to look at

Choosing a device for a teenager or young child is not too difficult if you consider the following parameters:

  1. Wheel diameter. Children around 6 years old will fit version of 6.5 inches, for a child from 7 to 10 years - 8 inches, and the older will be more interesting to use a gyroboard with 10-inch wheels.
  2. Weight. The minimum value is considered to be 20 kg. If the child weighs less, the device will not "feel" it and will not even move.
  3. Power. Young riders are fine with 500 watts, teenagers with 700 watts.
  4. Speakers. Since today's kids love to listen to music at home and in public places, a gyro scooter that can turn on musicwill be the best gift for them.


It is recommended to select this parameter depending on ages:

  • up to 6 years old - up to 10 km/h;
  • up to 12 years old - up to 15 km/h;
  • older than 12 years - up to 20-25 km/h.

As for teenagers over 12 years old, buying them a gyroscooter, it is worth taking into account their ability to move around on it. That is, if this transport is bought to a child for the first time and previously he had never been on it, the speed up to 15 km / h will be enough. And if he has long been riding on two-wheeled gadget and skillfully perform tricks, you should consider options that can accelerate to 25 km / h.

Manufacturer and price

The prices of adult and children's gyroscooters are about the same. It all depends on the manufacturer, the quality of transport and the seller (store), which adds another percentage on top of the basic price for its benefit.

A really good device does not come cheap, because it is considered technically complex and requires a lot of cost in the production. But often there are so-called resellers, who sell goods without service, warehouse and even existing store - you should not turn to such persons, because you will have to overpay almost the entire amount of the electric vehicle.

The average cost of a quality gyroscooter is 12 thousand rubles. This applies to all models, regardless of their wheel diameter and color.

How to choose the right gyro scooter for an adult

When buying an electric transport for an adult, you should pay attention to the same parameters as when choosing a children's gyroscooter, but with more power and speed.

Where it will be used

It is also important to decide on what surfaces transport will go:

  • Smooth and smooth roads. If it is a park area, perfectly flat asphalt or the floor of a sports hall, a gyroscooter with 8-inch wheels is quite suitable.
  • Rough roads. Here it is better to look at the 10-inch "off-road", as they are larger and better in terms of cross-country capability.

Segway or gyroscooter

Seagways are good for their originality and easy operation. But they are also bulky and expensive.

Because of this, they can often be found in recreation areas where they are rented.

Gyroscooter - compact transport, which you can carry in your hands, and its price tag is much lower. It is not difficult to get used to it. In addition, such devices include add-ons in the form of backlighting, speakers, and water resistance.

In this case, it is necessary to make a conclusion based on the above mentioned, it is worth noting that a gyroscooter is a more practical transport if you use it by yourself. But if you want to earn money on such a device, it is worth considering a segway, because after a time of successful renting it out "to repay" the cost is quite possible.

What is the best company to choose

Different brands are engaged in the manufacture of gyroscooters. The leading brands are:

  1. Smart Balance. The popular manufacturer produces premium vehicles. Devices with its logo look attractive and are distinguished by their maneuverability.
  2. WMotion. The manufacturer is engaged in manufacturing and supplying cheap but high quality devices. Its products are known all over the world.
  3. Airwheel. The company sells electric vehicles for children as well as "off-road" vehicles for adults. As a rule, the products are equipped with a powerful motor and decorated in a modern design.
  4. Novelty Electronics. The manufacturer has a patent on electric vehicles and produces really high quality products. Most models in the range give the user the option of purchasing an additional handlebar or handlebar.
  5. Razor. The company makes gyroscooters that you don't have to overpay for. They look chic, are easy to operate, and are easy to care for.

Video tips

Answers to popular questions

1. Where is the best place to buy a gyroscooter?

It is not recommended to do it in local stores, because the assortment there is usually very poor and the prices are very high. The optimal option would be an online store, where each model is described in detail its characteristics and provides feedback from real customers.

2. Does the original gyroscooter have disadvantages?

Yes, even if there is nothing wrong with the parts of the device, there are a couple of downsides:

  • There is a high probability of falling and getting injured while learning to ride;
  • Electric transport will not move on deep potholes (at most - a little rough asphalt).

3. How do I protect myself from injury when using a gyro scooter for the first time?

It is enough to buy a standard set of equipment: kneepads, elbow pads, helmet.

4. Is it possible to extend the life of a gyro scooter?

Yes. All you have to do is get it right. care.

As you can see, a gyroscooter is a great toy and means of transportation for children and adults. From the use of such a device you can get a charge of positive emotions for a long time. But the most important thing is to choose the right device so that in the process of operation it does not upset its owner and does not force him to spend money on replacement parts or even a new model.

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