How to connect an electric scooter to the phone

An electric scooter is a modern device that requires an appropriate approach. Like fitness trackers, smart scales, and other gadgets, it is set up through a special application on your smartphone. Almost every manufacturer of such a means of transportation has its own program, but it is not necessary to synchronize the device with proprietary software. The user has the right to choose their own application with a large set of functions and features, if it supports a particular model of electric transport. Below we will consider the instructions on how to connect an electric scooter to the phone, as well as the most popular applications for such gadgets.

Electric scooter app list

Modern electric vehicle control programs are adapted for both Android and iPhone devices. They open up a lot of features for the user:

  • restarting a frozen scooter;
  • system update;
  • to reset the settings to the factory defaults;
  • the inclusion of additional functions, etc.

We present our top four apps from different manufacturers. They support synchronization with electric scooters of different brands and have quite good functionality.

All of the above programs are available for free download on any platform (Android, iOS).

Mi Home

Mi Home

Download link from Google Play | Download link from App Store

Xiaomi's branded electric scooter app is suitable for controlling different brands of devices. It was originally developed to work with the smart home system, but today it is actively used to synchronize and configure electric vehicles.

The main screen of the program is very informative. It contains data on:

  • current speed and average speed;
  • percentage of charge;
  • the distance traveled.

To configure the gadget, the user will need to go to on the menu - three dots in the upper corner on the right. There are several items that allow you to change the parameters of the electric vehicle, as well as view some information about it.



Download link from Google Play | Download link from App Store

The app is designed to work with Xiaomi devices and products from other manufacturers. It allows you to control not only electric scooters, but also segways and gyroscooters.

The new version of the program does not support synchronization with Xiaomi transport, so to connect the electric scooter to your smartphone you will need to download the outdated software.

The application works according to the following scheme:

  1. When you open it for the first time, you should press the button in the lower left corner ("9 Vehicle").
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and power on the electric scooter.
  3. Wait for the search to finish and synchronize the gadgets.

Immediately after the steps passed, the user will be presented with the main menu of the software. The advantage of the utility is the attractive and user-friendly interface - diagrams, clear icons, main functions on the first page.

Additional features can be viewed by clicking on the gear icon in the upper corner on the right. Here the user presented by:

  • detailed information about the means of transportation;
  • firmware data;
  • the metric system used (American or worldwide) and so on.

The utility is freely available to consumers. It does not take much space in the memory of the smartphone, and therefore is quickly installed and does not slow down the operation of the device.

M365 Tools

M365 Tools

Download link from Google Play | Download link from App Store

A well-known application for various operating systems allows you to control electric transport by Sensor readout. Here the owner of a modern vehicle will be able to adjust the various functions of the device by making a few clicks on the phone screen.

It is possible to connect the electric scooter to the application according to the standard scheme: activation of the wireless data transfer module - waiting for synchronization - start setting up. Creation of an account in this case is not required, which is considered one of the most significant advantages of the software.

The disadvantage of the application is the absence of the ability to connect the battery saving mode (both in the regular version and in the PRO).

The intuitive interface will not make the user uncomfortable. The menu with the main tabs is located at the top of the screen. Information from the sensors is also available there.

The application allows the user to apply a correction factor when replacing standard wheels. Due to this feature, the software is guaranteed to give the correct speed, distance, etc.

The program has too many ads, which is turned off only with the absence of Internet on the smartphone or the purchase of the paid version.



Download link from Google Play | Download link from App Store

This interesting application is designed specifically for Kugoo electric scooters. If you want, it is possible to connect to it vehicles from other manufacturers, but their list is not too long, and in this case, everything depends on the specific model.

The main difference between the software is the dark interface. It does not "cut" the eyes and looks very stylish.

As with the programs described above, the main buttons are located on the main page of the application. As for the other functions, they are located in the settings (the gear icon in the upper corner).

The application does not provide special features, but all the standard functions are present here and work quite correctly.

Setting up an electric scooter from an Android phone and iPhone

It is possible to start setting up your device immediately after downloading the appropriate program. Below we will look at how to control an electric scooter via a smartphone by following a few steps.

Creating an account

The first step in working with most applications is to create an account. It is activated fairly quickly. If an account has already been created, you must log in by entering login and password.

You only need to fill in 3-4 fields: city, user name, electric scooter model, etc.

Connecting a device via Bluetooth

The next step after activating the account is to synchronize the devices themselves. To do this, you need to connect Bluetooth on your phone and turn on the scooter. Then the gadgets will find each other on their own, or they will have to help by selecting the name of the electric vehicle in the list of available devices on the smartphone.

Successful connection will be indicated by the process indicator - it must necessarily reach 100%.

Basic Initial Setup

The initial setup involves setting basic parameters. The user will need them during the ride, making it safe and comfortable.

First, it is recommended to set the maximum speed limit of the vehicle. This will avoid critical situations for people who are just learning to drive such a vehicle. This function can be found in the tab Limit Off. The recommended maximum speed limit is 4 km/h.

The next function is the taillight. By means of an application it is possible to make it permanent or flashing. This is necessary to attract the attention of others in the dark. The electric scooter is quite possible to move on the roadway - the user must let other drivers and pedestrians know about himself in order to avoid accidents. Rear light can be adjusted in the tab Rear Light.

The best rear headlight setup is a constant light when driving and flashing during braking.

After that it is recommended to select the metric system (units of measurement). Here the user is presented with two options - global (km/h) or American (miles). It is necessary to select the option at your discretion. And this setting is located in the item Units Settings.

Updating the software

The software update procedure for electric vehicles is carried out exclusively through the application. This function is provided in all software. It can be found in the tab with additional features.

Updates are coming "by air."When the smartphone is connected to the Internet.

Reset to factory settings

You can reset the settings on the electric scooter not only on the vehicle itself, but also through the app. To do this, you will also need to go to the advanced settings and select the appropriate item. After resetting it is not possible to restore previously obtained data (mileage, speed, etc.).

Locking the device via "Lock"

The lock button allows you to lock your electric vehicle and prevent others from using it. It can be located both on the main screen in the application and in the additional settings. With a single click, the device locks/unlocks instantly, so you don't have to wait long.

Activating Cruise Mode

The Cryo-Control feature gives you the ability to maintain a uniform speed The device is able to move the electric scooter independently of the terrain conditions. To activate it, you only need to synchronize the vehicle with your phone and check or move the slider to the active position in the corresponding item (in the additional settings). At the same time, it is worth noting that the inclusion of the mode in the application does not ensure its permanent operation on the electric transport.

To activate the cruise control on the scooter itself, you need to press the throttle knob for 5 seconds during the ride, to disable - change the position of the same knob.

More information about the electric scooter

In addition to changing the settings of the electric vehicle, some data about it is available to the user. It is also possible to view them in the application.

The importance of additional information is that the user will be able to correctly calculate the duration of the ride and use the vehicle without deteriorating its condition.

Battery status

The advantage of the utilities is that through them it is possible to find out about the condition of one of the main elements of the electric scooter - the battery. The following is available to the user in the programs battery information:

  • her temperature;
  • number of recharges;
  • firmware version;
  • full charge cycles.

The data is usually located in different folders. The most common ones are Battery Information и Basic Information.

Speed and mileage information

The data about the speed and mileage (for the current moment or for the whole time of using the device) are considered secondary. You can find them in the additional tabs by clicking on the gear or the icon with three dots.

Calculation of power reserve

All information about the power reserve can be found in the tab Remaining Mileage. Here it is possible not only to view the data, but also to activate the mode to increase this indicator.

This information makes it easy for the user to calculate whether or not to charge the electric scooter before the next ride.

Route traveled

Data on the distance covered is not present in all applications. They are obtained through online maps, where the system automatically "draws" the trajectory of travel - the road that the user has already traveled or is just planning to do so. Such information will be the best assistant in making your way around traffic jams.

Charge recovery

Apps adapted to different smartphone operating systems allow you to see the percentage of the current charge of the electric scooter as it is being replenished. To do this, just synchronize the devices and find the corresponding indicator on the main page of the mobile program.

Video review

Answers to popular questions

1. What is regeneration mode?

Recuperation mode is the possibility to recover part of the energy when braking. It is a kind of "cashback" - a return of electricity to the power grid. Regeneration extends the duration of operation of the device on a single charge.

2. What should I do if I can't connect my scooter to my smartphone?

First of all, you should use another application and try to synchronize the devices through it. If this method does not work, you will need to contact the service center, because the problem is hidden in the functionality of Bluetooth on the scooter.

3. When I connect to the app, it says "device is paired by another user", what should I do?

This situation is more common with the Mi Home app. To fix the problem, reinstall the application or change the server from Europe to China in the "Location" section.

4. How do I reset the password on my scooter?

It is possible to do this on the device itself: long press the power key, simultaneously press the brake handle and throttle trigger, turn on the vehicle. If you use the app, you will need to perform a Hard Reset of the electric scooter (reset all settings).

Proper synchronization of the electric scooter with a smartphone is a successful step to control the device. Special applications allow you to improve the operation of the transport, to learn about its condition and to solve problems. It is not difficult to decide among the available programs - for this you can install several options on your phone and use them for a while to find the right software.

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