How to turn off the sound when turning on a gyroscope

Gyroscooter is a modern type of electric transport, which allows you to ride with the wind and distraction. Bright design, wide functionality, built-in speakersAll this attracts attention. But many users are worried about how to turn off the sound when turning on the gyroscope. Maybe at first the greeting of the gadget will be funny, but when you start using it constantly, this sound gets boring.

When you might need this method

Gyroboard owners know that a loud greeting plays when the device is turned on.

For newcomers this feature may seem funny, but over time, the greeting gets boring, and can even be annoying.

Of course, the developers have provided a way to disable this feature.

How to completely disable the greeting on a gyroscope

There are several ways to turn off the sound on your gyroscope when you turn it on. Let's look at each method in detail.

Method 1: Adjusting the volume

You can adjust the sound volume with a special button on the front of the case. It should be pressed and the volume should be set to minimum. After these settings, the gyroboard will still play the greeting when turned on, but very quietly. The method is very simple and everyone can use it.

The problem is that the button is not present on all models of gyroscooters. But even in this case, the question remains solvable. Let's consider a cardinal method of solving the problem.

Method 2: Disconnect the wire

How to completely disable the greeting on a gyroscope

Not everyone can use this method. It is available to users who have an understanding of the gyroscope device and understand electronics, or to those who can clearly follow the points described below. But even this is not enough, you need to have experience with a soldering iron and a screwdriver. If you know how to do all this, you can use the following tips.

  • Disassemble the body gyroscooter, remove the top cover.
  • Look for the wire connected to the speaker from the battery.
  • Turn on the soldering iron.
  • The wire must be unsoldered.

If everything is done correctly, the loud sound will stop bothering you. Recall, the method can be used only if you have experience with electronics and a soldering iron. Otherwise, you can damage the gyroscooter, which will lead to repairs and financial costs.

If you do, you will no longer be able to listen to music on the gyroboard.

The method is not suitable if the device is under warranty. If the gyroboard fails, the seller will refuse to repair it under warranty.

How to make the sound quieter

High volume levels can be annoying not only when you turn on the device, but also when listening to music. There is a simple way to turn down the volume level.

  • Turn the volume down in TaoTao app.
  • Disable Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Turn off the music track on your phone or turn down the volume on the player.

Many gyroboards support synchronization with a special application. For example, for devices from Smart Balance there is a connection through the TaoTao application. In it, the user can adjust the volume level, remove the sound when turning on the gyro scooter, see information about the technical characteristics and much more.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

1. If I unsolder the speaker wire, can I listen to music?

No, that's the point we made in the warning block.

2. Why does the gyroscooter say an incomprehensible phrase in English?

The device notifies you when bluetooth is turned on or connected. The annoying voice can be turned off by stripping the wire from the speaker. Some users solve the problem by taping the speaker.

It is possible to mute the gyroboard when it is turned on by performing simple manipulations. But you should not do this if you are not confident in your abilities. In this case, you need to ask for help from a specialist.

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