How to learn to ride a gyroscooter

Popular in the 21st century electric transport, called a gyroscooter, often puts newcomers in an awkward position, not allowing them to painlessly start moving on two wheels. It seems to users that there is absolutely no difficulty, but at the first meeting with a gadget "one on one" most owners of miracle transport have to get bruises and abrasions as a result of falls. Therefore, owners of new vehicles often have a question: how to learn to ride a gyroscooter? In fact, the training is fast, but it is worth following the rules, regardless of the age of driving an electric vehicle.

9 simple tips for the beginner

How to learn to ride a gyroscooter 9 tips

Before you start training, it's worth reading the tips from the professionals. There are nine of them in total, but don't skip any of them, because they are all important for beginner riders.

Checking the charge

The first thing to do is to make sure that the charge level is sufficient for the gyroscooter to perform all its functions. If the battery will give out less than 50%, it's worth chargeand only then begin training.

Connecting to the phone

Sync by gyroscooter with a smartphone is necessary to expand the capabilities of electric vehicles. And this is done by means of Bluetoothwhich is available in every gyroboard.

The first test is best done indoors

Using a gyroscooter for the first time, it is worth trying to stand on it indoors. This will give you the opportunity to feel the possibilities of transport and understand how to behave, putting both feet on the platform. In addition, it is less painful to fall on the floor than on the asphalt.

There is a possibility that the gyroscope needs calibrationIt's better to detect it indoors, so you can fix it on the spot. Although new devices rarely need it, such cases do occur.

Use a safety net (partner)

When parents are trying to teach their child how to ride, they support them by their hands or back, guiding their movements and helping them to stay on the board. Adults learning to ride a gyroboard should do the same.

In order to take a friend for backup, there is nothing scary and shameful, but falls will be much less, and the time to master the new gadget will not take so much.

Buy protective gear

The most virtuoso riders are able to avoid falls from the gyroscooter during the training. But no one can be sure of a painless ride, so before you start mastering your board, you should get and use a helmet and protection for your knees and elbows.

Consider the type and diameter of the wheels on the gyro scooter

These criteria should also be taken into account when choices devices in the store. Wheels are conventionally divided into three categories (depending on size):

  • up to 6.5 inches - used exclusively on flat and smooth surfaces;
  • 8 inches - allowed to ride on fine tile or pavement with minimal unevenness;
  • 10 inches and more - off-road gyroscooters with pneumatic tires for moving over difficult terrain.

Do not drive on steep ups and downs

When you want to climb a gyroboard on a hill or go downhill, it is worth choosing a surface with an angle of inclination Up to 15 degrees. If this value is exceeded, the device will simply fall and the rider will therefore not be able to stand on his or her feet.

Don't make any sudden movements

The electric vehicle reacts quickly to any changes in the position of the operator's body. This is why you should not bend over strongly or swing your arms quickly when making turns or moving forward.

Don't do stunts

To perform steep movements on a gyro scooter on different surfaces you will need to have a good physical shape. It is strictly forbidden for beginners to repeat tricks seen on the street or on the Internet, as riders have been learning them for years.

A brief instructional guide

A gyroscooter is a very smart gadget. It has built-in sensors and a gyroscope that make it much easier to stay on the go. Sometimes users manage to ride without falling on the first try, but most people need to go through several steps to learn how to control this miracle vehicle.

Everything you need to Get the gyroscooter moving:

  • Stand on it.
  • Lean forward, backward, or to the side (depending on the desired riding direction).

Detailed instructions on how to learn to ride a gyroscooter for beginners

Finally, it's time to look at the more detailed instructions, which will answer several questions at once: how to get on and off the platform, how to spin in place, how to increase speed, etc. By following the steps and being attentive, you can master the new mode of transport in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: How to get up on a gyroscope correctly

How to get up on a gyroscooter correctly

Talking about how a beginner learns to skate faster, we should not forget about the most important thing - getting up on the platform. This process takes place as follows:

  • Position the device in front of you (better to have an assistant standing in front of you, who you can hold on to and avoid falling).
  • Place one foot (the gadget will vibrate, which means it is ready to work).
  • Without taking off the first leg and leaning on it, put the second on the platform.

When you can get on the gyroboard, it is recommended to just stand in this position 1-2 minutesto get used to the new sensations. And then you can move on to the next stage.

Step 2: How to Learn to Operate a Gyroscope

How to learn how to control a gyroscooter

The second step is no less important. Here the rider has to learn three elements - moving, stopping and keeping the balance.


Today you can find gyroscooters with a handle on the street not as often as conventional platforms on two wheels, where the body body of the rider acts as a steering wheel. To set the device in motion, you need to lean forward By 5-10 degrees.

In order for the gyro scooter to go, the rider needs to tilt the entire body, not just hunched back. It is not worth trying to go down to 45 degrees or lower, either, as this will only lead to a fall.


To stop will require only a slight deviation backwards. You should slow down beforehand, because a sharp foot easily leads to injuries.

Keeping your balance

The electric vehicle keeps its own balance, but beginners often panic when they climb onto the platform, which immediately causes them to end up on the ground. The most important thing is not to wave your hands and keep your body straight. In this case, the gyroboard will not throw the rider off and allow you to enjoy the ride.

Step 3: How to ride a gyroscope correctly

How to ride a gyroscooter correctly

After learning how to move forward, it's time to move on to more advanced activities. Beginners wondering about how to ride a gyroscooter correctly so that it is used not only as entertainment, but also as a full-fledged transport. In fact, it is not difficult to do it - it is enough to learn the turns, the change of speed and reverse.

How to turn

To make a turn while driving an electric vehicle, you will need to push down on the toe of one of your legs. So, if you need to turn to the right, you need to use the left limb, to the left - the right. The mirror principle works here, it is not difficult to get used to, although at first it will be unusual. The discomfort when turning passes literally 2-3 days of using the gadget.

How to increase speed

The speed of movement depends on the rider's angle of inclination. The more a person lowers his or her body, the faster the vehicle will move. Gyroboards, in general, are able to move at a speed of maximum 20 km/hbut it can be easily and enlarge.

How to reverse

You don't have to press any buttons to go backwards. It's even easier than going forward. All you have to do is lean back a little bit (up to 5 degrees.).

Step 4: How to get off the gyroscope correctly

In the first times of riding an electric cart, it is better to use a friend's shoulder or some stable object to get up from the platform. It is easy to get off the gyroboard - first you should smoothly put one foot on the ground, and then the other.

Standing on the platform on one leg, the device begins to vibrate and move, so you should do the above actions carefully.

Helpful tips

At what temperature you can ride a gyroscooter

Having gone through all the stages of learning and having mastered the basics, it is worth considering a few more interesting points for your general outlook. They will definitely be useful to owners of gyroboards, regardless of driving skills. Recommendations will allow the rider to keep his gadget and himself safe.

At what temperature you can ride a gyroscooter

Experts advise to go outside with a gyroboard in the temperature of From 10 degrees. Since the vehicle runs on battery power in the cold, it discharges much faster, so even with a full charge in cold weather, you are unlikely to be able to ride for more than half an hour.

There are special gyroscooters on sale that you can ride in the winter. They are able to withstand the temperature -20 degrees and are equipped with rugged rubber wheels for moving in the snow. But we should not forget that the cost of such gadgets is several times higher than conventional models.

What kind of weather it's okay to ski in

The best time to enjoy "floating above the ground" on a gyroboard is in sunny weather. At that time, the device is definitely not in any danger.

A light rain at high temperatures is not terrible either. But if it is pouring and puddles, you should not go for a walk. Forbidden are unpaved roads and dew on the grass after the rain - it is better to wait until it all dries, and then go for a ride on your favorite vehicle.

How old are you allowed to ride

Specialists point to a minimum age of 10 years. Smaller children often fall off the platform because the device simply does not "notice" them due to their low weight.

Where it's best to ride a gyroboard

Learning to ride and riding an electric vehicle in the future should be done on level surfaces. Professionals can afford to do tricks on stairs, railings, etc., but for beginners, a level road without rocks and rough edges is ideal.

A park, a stadium, or just a paved road is good for riding. In addition, you can even ride a gyroscooter in the house or any other room.

How fast is better to ride a gyroscooter?

The optimum speed of movement is 15 km/h. It is suitable for both children and adults. This speed is ideal for walking. But if you need to get to a certain place faster, you can increase it to 20-25 km/h (depending on the capabilities of the gadget) - it will not be too fast for the handyman and stability on the platform will not be a problem.

Do not leave one foot on the gyroscope

By standing on the platform with only one foot, the electric vehicle will drop its "driver" in just a few seconds. This happens because all the weight is shifted to one side and there is no load on the other side. As a result of such a position, the device does not even hold its own balance.

How not to fall off a gyroscooter

Falls, as a rule, occur due to a strong forward/backward slump of the body. In this case, an overweight is created and the gyroboard throws the rider off. Therefore, you should be careful not to bend the gyroboard too much.

Rules of Easy Riding

Standing boldly on a gyroboard and controlling it while moving will help simple rules:

  • Foot placement. For the first time, the gyro scooter may well "run away" from its rider. Here you should confidently put one and then the other leg on the board, bending them both a little in the knees for better stability.
  • Hand position. Often there is a problem with the hands - they simply have nowhere to put them, because there is no steering wheel on the gyroscooter. The solution to this problem is simple - you can put your hands comfortably in your pockets or simply put them down.
  • Body Line. The rider's body serves as the rudder. It must be level so that one's weight shifts to the correct side when making turns or braking.

To start doing tricks on electric transport, shown in the video, telling how to learn to ride a gyroscooter, it is better not on the first day, but after time, when the rider feels confident, standing on the board. And the very first step on such electric transport is to make a full turn (360 degrees).

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

1. Can I ride a gyroscooter in puddles and rain?

It is only allowed to go outdoors with the electric trolling motor and use it in light rain. The body of the gyroscooter is protected against moisture, but it is not completely waterproof. This means that if you fall into a puddle or ride it in a downpour, the gadget will simply "swallow" water and stop functioning.

2. How do I do a 360 degree turn?

It will be necessary to make both legs work by pressing on the surface of the gyroscooter with the heel of one limb and the toe of the other.

3. How long does it take to learn to skate?

On average, it takes 20 minutes.

Anyone can master electric transportation. Courage and adherence to the right sequence of actions - that's what is most important in this case. Learn to ride perfectly and perform simple tricks for children and adults in just a day, without even leaving traces of a "successful" trip in the form of bruises and wounds all over the body.

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