What to do if the gyroscooter does not turn on

Any modern gadget has problems, and the gyroscooter is no exception. This transport often causes users to panic when it stops turning on, because for its cost every owner would like to use the possibilities of this "toy" to the maximum. Therefore, people are trying to find a quick way out and ask the experts: what to do if the gyroscooter does not turn on? Here in the first place you should deal with the cause of the breakage, and then try to eliminate it.

Common reasons why a gyroscooter does not turn on

Why the gyroscooter does not turn on

Surprisingly many users, there are several reasons for problems with the gyroscooter. The device may refuse to turn on in the following situations:

  1. The battery is dead. The condition of the battery should always be carefully monitored and the gadget should be put on charging.
  2. The motherboard or one of the side boards has burned out. It happens because of mechanical damage or overheating. And it is better to contact a service center for a solution.
  3. Happened electronics short circuitIf the device has been exposed to liquid or has been subjected to strong shock. This happens because of improper care rules and operation of the gyroscope. The problem can also be solved only in the service.
  4. Factory defect. The likelihood of its presence should not be excluded. And when buying a gadget, you need to check certificates and pay attention to the price of the product, because a good electric vehicle can not cost too cheap.

What to do if the gyroscooter does not turn on after charging

It happens that after a normal charging procedure it is not possible to turn on bluetooth or the device itself. Possible causes in this situation are just all of the above points.

Gyroscooter only works on a charge

Why a gyroscooter only works on a charge

If the gyroboard cannot be turned on without the charger connected, you can take corrective measures yourself. This happens, as a rule, as a result of prolonged idle time of the gadget "without action", for example after the winter. And the solution to the problem is simple - you need replace the battery. It is quite realistic to do such work at home, but you will have to spend money for a new battery.

The same applies to situations where the gyroscooter is fully charged, but does not turn on when unplugged.

The problem with the battery is quite common, so replacing it can really help get the device to work as it should.

Why is the red light blinking

What to do if the gyroscooter does not turn on after charging

Sometimes people ask another interesting question: how to fix a gyroscooter, if it does not turn on after charging, and in addition to this the red light blinks? First it is worth finding out why this happens. А underlying causes speakers:

  1. Discharged battery (charging did not go on, even if the gyroscooter has been on it for several hours). Here, again, you will need to replace the battery.
  2. Contacts disconnected. They should be inspected on their own by removing the cover. If this is really the problem, the contacts can be connected with a special clip.
  3. Faulty wheels. It is difficult for the user to guess about it himself, so the gyro scooter will have to be taken to the service center. If the specialists say that the problem is really in the wheels, then you can act on your own. change You can do it at home, so you don't have to spend money on a master.

Solutions to other known problems

What to do if the gyro scooter does not turn on from the power button

In addition to the situations listed above, there are other nuances due to which the gyro scooter ceases to function properly. The owner of the device can understand what the problem is, and the solution to common problems are described below.

Gyroscooter does not turn on from the power button

When it happens that the gyro scooter does not turn on with a special button, it is recommended to reset. This will adjust the balance, and the error will be corrected.

Gyroscooter turned off on the move and will not turn on

In addition to the causes listed at the beginning, there are several other reasons why the gyroscooter turns off while in motion, and does not turn on later. They are:

  • engine wear and tear;
  • bearing wear;
  • microcontroller malfunction.

Here, you will need to seek the services of a technician. The service center will diagnose and correct the situation.

If the cause is a dead battery or loose contacts, then the repair is quite realistic and can be done at home.

The gyroboard beeps when you wake up

An unpleasant squeak from the speakers of the gyroscooter when you turn it on means that the gadget is not ready for use. In this case from the independent measures it is allowed to take only reboot. If there is no positive result after the performed actions, it is better to apply to the service.

If the device beeps and does not turn off, it is worth doing it in the emergency mode - this function is available in almost all models. And how to perform this operation - you should refer to the instructions for your particular gadget, because different models have their own ways of doing it.

The gyroboard does not turn on after a fall

One of the causes of electric vehicle failure is mechanical damage due to a fall. To fix the problem, you will need to disassemble the device, because anything could have been damaged by the impact inside it.

Some problems (loose contacts, faulty battery) can be solved by yourself, but in most cases you have to take the gyroscooter to a specialist.

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Answers to popular questions

1. My gyroscooter turns on, but doesn't ride, what's the reason?

It is possible that the device simply needs to be recharged, because at a minimum level of charge it is able to turn on, but not move around. If this is definitely not the cause, a thorough diagnosis by a specialist will be required.

2. After the winter, my mini-sigway stopped working, what should I do?

The only way out of this situation is to replace the battery. This has already been discussed above.

3. The gyroboard didn't charge for a long time and now it won't turn on, what should I do?

The problem is in the battery charger or the battery itself - some of them will have to be replaced.

There are many causes and solutions to problems. In addition, there are certain nuances that can complicate the process of troubleshooting or, conversely, facilitate it. Carefully studying the article and finding the exact cause of the breakdown relative to your vehicle, to cope with it will be easy. Compliance with the instructions and calmness of the user is all that is required for the successful repair of the gyroscooter and its operation in the future.

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